October 19, 2011

Announcement: Change of Schedule

You probably have noticed that So Loverly’s posts have slowed down lately. As much as we love the glamorous beauty blogger lifestyle, real life has caught up and dumped a whole load of crap on us. Work, travel, family, love, stress, death – you name it, one of us has it. Personally, I haven’t worn makeup for two weeks; the only things on my face right now are my glasses.

After some discussion, we have decided to ease back on our blog posts so we can spend more time on cleaning the house, paying the bills, catching up on sleep – y’know, doing the usual everyday stuff that our fantasy beauty blogger selves don’t have to do.

Instead of trying to post every day, So Loverly will now only be updated thrice a week. Kahani will be taking on the Monday or Tuesday slot, Wednesdays are still under me and Syen will post only on Thursday or Friday.

Posts are still going to be kind of erratic for a while as we are still expecting work to be all kinds of crazy til, I dunno, maybe Christmas? Kahani has begged to be let off from blogger duties for a month so she can settle down in Hong Kong (permission granted, soldier) while Syen just emailed saying that she is running up and down all over Peninsular Malaysia. As for me, a work memo arrived after lunch saying that I am being sent to the Mount Kinabalu area next week.

There goes all hope of attending ParisB’s MyWomenStuff Readers' Choice Awards Party. *sighs*

Thanks for understanding, girls. We promise to try and get back on track with regular posts as soon as we can. If you can’t live without your daily So Loverly fix though, I suggest looking through old posts and reviews to temporarily tide you over.


Anonymous said...

I used to love reading soloverly, but soon realised that even with THREE of you running the show, updates aren't as frequent as the other blogs written by a lone blogger.
What a shame... tsk tsk....

kuri said...

Hope life settles down soon!
It's been crazy for me for months, so I totally know how it is to be swamped!

plue said...

*hugs* i'm very guilty of leaving my blog alone for a month or two or longer too, so yeah i understand the workload and the multiple of things running in life :) take a break have a kit kat k?

i still love soloverly, even if you don't write as often :)

after all, blogging isn't your 9-5 job that pays off all your expenses!

rinnah said...

I am upset that I won't be meeting up with you during the MWS Awards! How can! :(

But seriously, work comes first and I totally understand - I am the first to admit that I'm shamefully neglecting my own blog. :)

Kahani said...

Hello from Italy! Thanks so much for the support ladies, you guys are what makes blogging a pleasure for us. I'm sure we'll be back on track soonish.

As for you Anon, you're very welcome to leave this blog and never revisit. You don't pay our bills and with a comment like that you don't even make our work here enjoyable. I certainly hope you run a blog and post daily while moving to a new city, starting out on a new job, travelling, and experiencing family troubles. Otherwise your precious entitled self is nothing more than a liability on the online community and a waste of space.

Connie De Alwis said...

Ahh... I totally understand your situation. To think that you girls even found the time to blog while working is amazing. When I first started work my blog was as alive as a fish out of water. Now that I'm starting to settle down at work, my postings are getting more regular. And I believe it'll be the same for So Loverly. We'll be here waiting for new posts!

Anonymous over there seems to think that we owe it to our readers to blog. They're not paying for subscriptions so why should the absence of posts bug them? We blog for ourselves and whoever who bothers to read. Effing ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweeties, take all the time you need. There is such a thing as real life and those who genuinely care will understand :-)

Paris B said...

Real life always gets in the way of fun :) Hope everyone settles in soon and 3 posts a week is still better than none! ;)

beetrice said...

Ditto what the others have said, take all the time you need and we'll be here waiting when you get back. :)

As for Anon, that comment is just rude and ignorant. Most of us have bills to pay, and hence have to work (unless you want to do that so we can blog exclusively for you?)

Besides, any snarky comments made anonymously just demonstrates cowardice - at least have the guts to put a face to your comment!

Eli said...

Anonymous is perfectly right. Three bloggers and infrequent posts? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Looking back on the past 3 and a half years though, our track record has been pretty good for something that was meant to be a fun hobby. Now that we are all advancing in our careers, SoLoverly has to take a backseat to our private lives. I have a lot of respect for bloggers like ParisB who has been able to juggle work with daily blogging. Her energy is absolutely amazing.

Thanks for all the support, girls! We really appreciate it.

domncroxd said...

Hi SoLoverly girls, hope all goes well in your individual lives - we understand how hectic life can get and sometimes blogging can take a backseat. After all, blogging is a creative outlet and it's not something 'owed' to your readers. I'm sorry that Anon up there had such a harshly-worded comment. I don't think it's right to say "3 bloggers but infrequent posts" - you all have jobs which are taking you places (literally and figuratively) and other things to keep you so busy, so prioritizing what's important is not wrong.

Good luck and can't wait to hear back from you girls. Take care :)