October 26, 2011

HG Stuff: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

In coffeespeak (R-L): Short, Grande, Venti
I suspect that I am turning into a Clinique convert. I still maintain that their paint-stripping toners and the Dramatically Different Moisturising lotions are the stuff of nightmares; but their Turnaround Concentrate and Moisture Surge moisturiser stand at the top of My Favorite Skincare Products List 2011.

Kahani has reviewed Moisture Surge before but the stuff is so good for my oily-dry skin, I think it deserves a second review of its own.

I wasn't madly in love with Moisture Surge when I first got it. It was nice to use, sunk in quickly and did everything a moisturiser was supposed to do. The only difference between this and Garnier's Aqua Defense Essence Moisturiser was that Moisture Surge didn't break me out. Then, I happened to meet a Clinique SA from a different counter.

"Oily-dry skin?" she asked. "Try using double the amount you usually use. In fact, massage it in until your skin can't absorb anymore."

I blinked. Ookay.

That night, I took her advice: I streamed a couple of face massage videos on Youtube and sat down with a pot of Moisture Surge.

I patted, I stroked, I tapped, I kneaded. It took four applications before my skin finally had enough.

My skin was glowing and hydrated when I woke up. No fine lines, my pimples had subsided and I didn't have to blot all day.

That was a month ago. Since then, I have been using a walnut-sized application both day and night. My skin is much better. I have less breakouts, less oil on my face, less lines and my skin is glowing even after 3 hours of sleep. I love it and will never go without again.

Unfortunately, this means that my Moisture Surge depletes quite quickly. I go through about 15 ml a week so a full 50ml pot lasts for less than a month. Hopefully I will use less as my skin's moisture levels slowly normalise.

Oily-dry skin types, take note.

Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief retails at RM160 for 50ml. There's also a larger 75ml version available (pictured on the left)  for about RM200+. So far, I have only seen the 75ml version at airports and as part of travel exclusive packs. The wee 15 ml pot is a sample from my local Clinique counter.


Askmewhats said...

I just posted about my love for Clinique and I love this! I finished 3 huge tubs of these! I've tried the Extra Thirst and Extended thirst..I'm glad they did some reformulation as I like the latter!

Cliché said...

I should try that tip out! Ive got oily-dry skin too. Hee :D

Cliché said...

Oops. Forgot to ask, do you massage in the moisturiser on your whole face or just the dry areas?