October 04, 2011

Review: Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

Hong Kong's dryer climate and probably my advancing years have convinced me that I need a better eye cream than the super light Natio cream I was using. 

Thing is I am really nervous about new eye creams. They're often pricey and do nothing, or too heavy and cause breakouts and give me milia. So when I spotted this gel-creme trial size (7ml) for HKD65, I thought, what the hey and gave it a try. 

Two weeks later and I've already ordered two more of these mini jars off Strawberrynet at HKD90 for both. What's so good about it? 

Well, first off it probably doesn't do much for dark undereye circles but boy does it work for puffiness. I'd noticed my eye bags were starting to show (not usually a problem for me) but the morning after I patted this on at night, I woke up brighter, fresher eye-bag less eyes - probably thanks to the caffeine in it. 

Charmed but skeptical I kept on using it twice a day for the past two weeks and am still really happy with it. It's even formulated to help prevent undereye concealer from caking and I do believe it has an effect - thanks to all the dimethicone in it. My eye area seems to love dimethicone btw... wish it could convince the rest of my face. 

The pink gel also has fine bits of mica which is meant to help cosmetically brighten the eye area -this I really haven't noticed as the effects are usually best the morning after when my eyes actually manage to look perky pre-coffee. 

These trial jars are half the size of the regular jar of cream - 15ml which I believe retails for about HKD260, so scoring two tiny jars for under HKD100 is great, more hygenic...and they are also really really cute. I'll be sticking by this one for awhile!


Dardar said...

I've been wanting to get this and after your review, I might just will! How long does the trial size usually last? :)

kuri said...

now you've got me thinking about eye creams... I may check it out :)

Kahani said...

Dardar: A the rate I'm using it I'm guessing easily 3 months. A dab is all you need. Checkout Strawberrynet for deals. ;)

Kuri: Hahaha don't you use one already?

kuri said...

haha, nope, been too lazy to add it to my routine.

l y n said...

Nice review! I'm currently using Clinique's Moisture Surge Refreshing Eye Gel, the one that comes in a tube, and it's not bad. Lightweight and moisturising. But doesn't have much anti-ageing properties. Which reminds me, I think I have All About Eyes too. Came with a Clinique set thing.

QQ said...

I have always wanted to try that out. Thanks for the review. Will be following your blog =)