November 08, 2011

Quick Post: Great deals on theBalm!

Hello lovelies!

Surprised? Hehe... Ah well. It's not really my time to post, but I bumped into a great deal today and great deals must be shared, scheduled or not.

To our Malaysian readers, if you've been one to have been lemming after theBalm products, you definitely want to find out what's after the jump!

Sasa Selective at 1 Utama is currently having a promotion on theBalm products (as well as other products), and it's pretty good. Blushes like Down Boy, Cabana Boy and - get this- FRAT BOY, are going for RM50 a piece! Usual price is RM65, so it's definitely a steal. And yes, Frat Boy has reached our Malaysian shores.

And believe me... their blushes are pretty ah-may-zing!

Also, mascaras and lipsticks are going on a BOGOF offer. Lipsticks are RM55 (if I remember correctly) each, normal priced. But now you're getting two for that amount. Not bad at all, if you ask me.

I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't manage to find out more, like whether other Sasas are having similar offers, but it wouldn't hurt for you to just walk in and ask.

Promo ends Nov 14, so if you're wanting something, best hurry! Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Just got myself Frat Boy a few days ago at promo price and tweeted about it. So happy! Did you get anything for yourself?

Syen said...

lyn: I did. I got myself a Cabana Boy and picked up Frat Boy for a friend too. =) I was tempted by the lipsticks, but managed to be a good girl in the end. LOL.

Mai said...

oh these product look good (-0-)! haven't tried any of these product before but heard of them!

CMPang x