September 22, 2011

Transitioning to fall with theBalm's Cabana Boy (it's not just for summer)

My love for theBalm's blush offerings is officially a mindless devotion. The brain basically goes "Blush? theBalm? Buy!" Why? Because they're affordable, generously sized and oh-so-gorgeous. We at So Loverly adore Down Boy, and Syen and I have gone to lengths to get our hands on the new Frat Boy (which hasn't made its appearance in Asia yet). The only one we struggle a little with is the overly goldy Hot Mama but it's a fun highlighter and I've been eyeing Cabana Boy for just ages.

Initially I was wary because it looks dark which can look muddy on my skintone however, it turns out to be this gorgeous glowy berry blush that makes you look like you've just walked in from the cold and your cheeks are just naturally lovely and rosy.

Which really makes this more a Fall / Winter blush than a summer blush (despite the name), don't you think? However darker skinned girls may find in Cabana Boy their equivalent of my summer fave, Down Boy.

As Hong Kong is finally cooling down (although nowhere near chilly standards yet), and the light gets grayer in tone I find myself craving richer colours in my makeup. Cabana Boy paired with Silk Naturals lippy in Soft has been my go-to staple for this week.

Here's a slightly wistful picture featuring the blush and lippy along with a hat and scarf I'm just LONGING to wear.


Syen said...

Oh gosh, I am loving the hat and the scarf! Can't wait to meet them. *tee hee* =D

ksuan said...

You look lovely Kahani! :)

On a related note, I really miss wearing hats, coats, boots and the like :( Sigh, missing wintry weather.

l y n said...

That's really pretty! I have been really impressed with theBalm products and must check out this blush soon :-)

Kahani said...

Syen: The scarf's from Andrea - not bad from someone who hates choosing gifts aye? =P

Ksuan: Aww thanks sweetie.

Lyn: I'm starting to have this touching unshakeable faith in theBalm myself. It's going to lead me into ruin, I know it. =P