December 08, 2011

Have yourselves a Berry Christmas... with Sleek MakeUP

Hello lovelies,

Lookie what came in with the mail last week?

Sleek MakeUP's The Berry Collection. As it's a Limited Edition collection for Christmas, I thought I should let you girls in on this ASAP.

Here goes.

The collection comprises a blush (Fenberry), a lipstick (Cranberry) and a kohl pencil (Mossberry). It's berry merry alright.

Fenberry blush: It's a cool berry shade that's pigmented, so do go easy on the application. I think it's a beautiful shade for the cooler season. Now if only the temperature would ease up in Malaysia. *winks*

Cranberry lipstick (matte): This is actually how deep the colour is. But applied, it's a beautiful wine shade. Pretty or vampy, it's really up to you.

Mossberry kohl pencil: To be honest, I haven't had the chance to give it this a go, and I'm not exactly sure I want red on my eyes. Perhaps a grey or even a sparkly silver eyeliner might have worked better together with the rest of the collection. You can see what it looks like swatched below, though.

Clockwise from left: Fenberry blush, Mossberry kohl pencil, and Cranberry lipstick.

And just to give you an idea of what the blush and lipstick look like on. I added a touch of Lucas' Papaw Ointment after the lipstick as I'm not a huge fan of matte. Here, I went a little easy with the lipstick, so by say... Yani's standards, this ain't red yet.

And then I slapped on a little more lipstick. You can see it's a deeper shade already.

This collection definitely seems more suited to those with cooler undertones. Or if you just like berry shades, that works too. It's not available in Malaysia, but you can always buy it off Sleek MakeUP's site for US$15.90.

So, what do you think?

Have a great weekend!

Note: The products in this collection were provided for a review.


xin said...

love the lipstick on you! very nice :D

Kahani said...

Totally feeding my Autumn-berry cravings, augh. =P Looks quite pretty on you, Paris looks awesome in these shades too although no one knows what the heck to do with the liner. They totally should have gone for a chocolaty-plummy shade.

Syen said...

xin: Thanks babe! =)

Kahani: Haha. Yes, I knew it would do that. LOL. And of course, Paris looks fab in any shade of red.

beetrice said...

actually, that liner reminds me of the pomegranate shade Stila came out with a couple of years back - can be offset with a brown-gold eyeshadow. would look quite awesome I reckon! :D

Syen said...

Beetrice: Ooh.. thanks for the tip. But I think I have someone in mind to pass it to. I think it'll have a happier home there. =P

Connie De Alwis said...

Love the look! You can totally bring the look from day to night by intensifying the lip color :)