December 04, 2011

OPI in Meep-Meep-Meep

Part of the muppet collection, Meep-Meep-Meep is a gorgeous sparkly deep pinky red. Two coats to opaque.

I always wondered if OPI was worth the price tag but this shade and another gorgeous metallic shade (Designer de-better) have convince me that it may be. At least the sparkly shades.

They dry fast and last a full week on my fingers with a base coat and top coat.

I picked it up with Syen in a buy two get one free deal. Usual price is HKD$89.

Edit: Whoops ladies, it seems I made a mistake. We paid HKD$88 per bottle with the deal, it's usually HKD$132 in Mannings. However Nicole OPI is about HKD$80 in Sasa and if you look in Bonjour you can score bottles for HKD$68 or less (welcome to HK pricing)


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice! HK$89 is still cheaper than the regular retail price in M'sia.

xin said...

looks pretty and looks like a wine-red to me. and btw good deal :P

beetrice said...

love the shade, and meep meep like Becker! :D

awesome deal on the polishes too!

Kahani said...

I'm going to double check the price but I'm PRETTY sure I'm right.

Lyn: I'm falling more in love with it the longer I wear it.

Xin: It's one of those that changes with the light. Definitely more a berry red than a straight up red though.

Bee: Meep!

Anonymous said... offers much better prices! no idea if they ship to malaysia though.