January 13, 2012

Endless chocolate

So Syen's told you that she's reconverted me back to cream shadows (although, with a few fallacies. I. do. NOT. squawk! Or say oh my 'gawd' *glares at Syen). Why "reconverted"? I used to love Benefit's Cream Shadow Liner D'Liners you see.. but they dry up. Not cool when they'r so pricey to start with. But now drugstores have started coming up with decent cream shadows, it seemed like a good time to try again and so far I have to say I'm totally impressed with L'Oreal's Color Infallible eyeshadows.

They've been compared to Armani Eyes to kill in the sense that the surface looks alike, and they're not so much cream shadows as densely packed pigments suspended in a base that lets you spread, blend and then it dries down to a long-lasting finish. Thing is, I can't confirm that for myself as I dont' think I'll EVER spend HKD300 on a single cream shadow (the price of Armani Eyes to Kill). Not for myself anyway. 

The colour I picked up from L'Oreal is 'Endless Chocolate' and it applies well with hair and flat synthetic brushes and fingers. I find for maximum shiny and intense pigment, synthetic's the way to go. But for smoking out and blending go with brushes and fingers.

The shade's a rich neutral brown with gold shimmer and it is lovely. Sorry about the swatch below, I just can't seem to swatch well.

On the eyes, it lasts all day without smudging. Particularly with an eye shadow blended in - although you don't really need to. It's a multidimensional shade so you can get away with just using it on the eyes. Darker around the eyes as a liner and blending it out on the lid. 

The other shades haven't tempted me, but both Syen and I are on the watch for a Bronze Taupe we hear's out there. We both wants it!

This is a top flight cream shadow on par with many high-priced ones and certainly worth is slightly higher drugstore price. It retails for HKD$89 here and I wait for L'Oreal counters to go on sale - so I picked this one up at a 15% discount. Score!

Update: Now it's no longer winter, I need a primer to get this to last all day. Booooooo! For the record, I am... very very oily. 


rinnah said...

Singapore sold out completely. No more liao! :(

plue said...

and malaysia as usual, don't have this!

Kahani said...

Rinnah: You want?

Plue: Malaysia doesn't? Really? Bah humbug!

dom said...

Like Plue said - we don't have it here :( It looks beautiful!