January 06, 2012

Favourite Things: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams. They rock.

If you're one who's into cream shadows, chances are, you'd definitely heard of Make Up For Ever (MUFE)'s Aqua Creams. Their reputation within the beauty blogging world is, frankly, quite legendary.

And so when I decided to head the way of the cream shadows, of course I had to try these.

But it wasn't until I made a trip to the US that I finally got my hands on them. Why? Because they're cut-throat darn pricey in Malaysia. That's why.

Get this. A 6g pot in Malaysia costs RM95, last I checked. In the States, I picked them up at Sephora for US$22 a pot. That's about RM66 (going by the average exchange rate). C'mon MUFE Malaysia. That's not cool.

Anyway, now that we've gotten the rant out of the way... on to the products themselves. Aqua Creams rock. Seriously.

I picked up #2 (silver grey shimmer- photo above) and #15 (taupe brown shimmer- photo below) from my trip, and if they weren't so overpriced here in Malaysia, I would have rushed to a counter to pick more up.

They are pigmented, they apply and blend like a dream, and they stay put. For hours and hours and hours. They are fantabulous. I tempted Kahani when I visited her recently, and I think she's pretty much sold.

"Oh my gawd," she squawked at the end of a long day that included work, dinner and after-dinner drinks.


My usual eye-makeup routine now usually consists of one of these as a base, set with a wash of powder shadow, eyeliner and I'm done. It's fast and simple, but works and looks great.

I must admit though. On my oily lids, they do sometimes crease a little at the end of the day. But I've noticed that it tends to happen on really, really hot days. Like about now, when the temperature is about 35°C, but it feels more like 45°C. Otherwise, it usually stays put quite alright. If you don't have oily lids, I highly doubt you'll have any problems with staying power.

Photo above: Swatch of #15 on the left, and #2 on the right.

Photo above: Swatch of #2 on the left, and #15 on the right.

You can see here for an example of a look I did with the #15. And judging by the huge dent I've made in it, you can tell I really do love it so.

On the whole, this is a fabulous cream eyeshadow, which I highly recommend. I would suggest that you try looking it for it online though, if you're in Malaysia. The mark-up is absolutely ridiculous.

Aqua Creams, anyone?


Askmewhats said...

It looks insanely gorgeous, I can totally imagine wearing these alone!

Eli said...

Silver and taupe... Now, WHY am I not surprised? :D

Syen said...

Nikki: Oh yes. They are totally gorgeous! I haven't tried wearing them alone yet as I prefer setting it with some powder shadow. But if you don't have oily lids, you can definitely try it out.

Eli: *cough ahem cough* Hehe. Because I'm predictable like that. =P

Paris B said...

I would love to try these. Have heard loads of good things about this and the Shiseido ones. But the MUFE SA pissed me off here, so until I can find it online, I'm not even going near the counters. So Shiseido it is mwahahaha! ;)

Kahani said...

Hey I don't squawk! Nor do I say "gawd". *pouts*

Syen said...

Paris: Oooh.. Shiseido eh? I might get around to them sometime. But the MUFE ones are really really good. Too bad about their SAs, although I met quite a nice one in 1U previously. I don't see their counter there anymore though. Shame.

Kahani: Hehee.. you did go pretty much goo-goo-ga-ga over it. =P

milktea said...

darn..! I have the most oily eye lids.