April 27, 2012

Get it before it goes: Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow

Right, so the full name is Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - which is insane and far far too long. But names aside, the short review is this stuff is awesome and you should get it while:
The shade I got was Bedroom Eyes, a shimmery brown taupe (yes taupe again) with, I’m sorry to say, glitter. But not too much or too chunky glitter. It’s very much like Urban Decay’s Sidecar in many respects - only Bedroom Eyes is less glittery. Thank heavens.

Because I take miserable swatches, I encourage you go here. She took absolutely lovely ones.

Why am I so in love with it? It really really lasts. All day. On oily skin and without primer. It’s also a really awesome primer in itself.

In fact this stuff is so tenacious that when I first squeezed some out on the back of my hand to use, I found I really had to scrub with soap and water to get it off, and even then, had to go over it with eye makeup remover! Now, I just pop a bead directly onto my brush and off I go!

I find that if I use a brush I can layer it on with intensity and sheer it out with my fingers. It’s metallic so one shade is multidimensional and it’s really all you need for a daytime look. Of course, the fact that it’s also a great primer means you can layer shadows on as much as you want.

I’ve found that on the occasions where I’ve accidentally gotten powder onto my lid, it goes over just fine.

You can also use your fingers to smooth it on for a sheerer look - one that’ll be good for the gym if you’re a ‘I wear makeup ALWAYS’ person. (like me)

Finally, it’s in a handy tube. You can squeeze the tiniest dots out onto the head of  brush for application, it’s hygenic, light and won’t dry out as fast as cream shadows in a pot. Also because it’s in a tube, the formula is a lot more liquid than potted cream shadows and a lot easier to spread.

So if like me you’ve been looking for a long-lasting cream shadow that’s great for travel, that lasts all day, is in a great shade that works on its own and is really affordably priced... this is it. I love it so much I’ve gone back and bought two more tubes in Dramarama (deep rich brown) and Bondage (champagne shimmer). I’m even considering getting a backup of Bedroom Eyes.

That’s how much I love it. Consider this a PSA from your friendly neighbourhood beauty blogger.


Syen said...

This can't be good. We're edging each other on in our pursuit for even more taupe eyeshadows. Sounds like a fab find, though. =)

Askmewhats said...

You had me clicking on Strawberrynet just now!!! I'm intrigued!!!

Jyoan said...

wow, so good?

Kahani said...

Syen: Yes this is getting silly!

Nikki: You'll like it babe. Really you will.

Jyoan: I think so. =D