May 01, 2012

Makeup at work + makeup bag (bonus!)

Really, not this neat in reality
If you haven't guessed it by now, I am kit-obsessed. I want to have these perfect boxes filled with answers to every possible problem that comes my way. For example, I have sewing kits in my handbag, at work and in my travel bags. I have a box of pills with panadol, light sleeping pills, charcoal tablets and antihistamine in my handbag nearly all the time. I'm obsessed with getting THE perfect travel palette that has everything I want in a tiny space. 

The point of all this is to explain just why I have this much stuff at work, and why after taking an inventory, I plan to add more! 

So in the box up there, I keep:

  • a large mirror for primping (if you're going to go out after work, you can't be doing with a tiny compact mirror).
  • Blotting papers
  • Maybelline mint lip balm
  • Benefit's realness of concealness palette (not the awesomest but cute)
  • theBalm's Sexy Mama translucent blotting powder
  • Vaseline rosy lips
  • Pink Blush (Makeup For Ever)
  • Peachy blush (Bobbi Brown's Nectar)
  • Bobbi Brown duo eyeshadow in Espresso and Champagne
  • Pantene silky hair serum (for those frizzy days)
  • Small tube of sunscreen - just in case

Not in the box:
And they all live on my desk like so:
Bonus Makeup Bag!
(The other half of my at-work-kit)

  • Time Balm concealer
  • Mini pot of Neutrogena Light Night Cream (for dry patches)
  • ZA 2-Way Whitening Foundation with SPF20
  • Daiso round brush/mirror compact
  • Muji 4-eyeshadow palette
  • Gosh tinted lipbalm in 39 Sweetheart (neutral shimmery pink)
  • LipIce Watercolour lipbalm in Kissy Pink (coral)
  • Nivea medicated lipbalm 

Clear brush pouch from Muji with:
  • Everyday Minerals mini kabuki brush
  • Everyday minerals  eye kabuki brush (for concealer)
  • Bobbi Brown mini lip brush
  • Sigma mini eye travel brush
Things to add
YES! Believe or not, I've decided that my work kit NEEDS a red lipstick (for after-work emergency glam) and perfume (for when I want to smell pretty). Possibly even a hair-fragrance which I used to have in Malaysia. 

This post was inspired by Rinnah who asked her beauty blogger friends to 'fess up to our work makeup-stash on Labour Day. Thank goodness Rinnah's as bad as I am while ParisB is surprisingly spartan. Beetrice shares her soothing collection while travelling in Melbourne! Domncroxd has shared her mini-kit over at Belle Demoiselle

What's your beauty stash at work look like? 


lyn said...

That's quite a good assortment of stuff! I'm also very erm, minimalistic with beauty products I keep at work but I should add more and get a box to organise too.

lavender said...

Hi Kahani

Putting your kit in a box is a good idea. I store as many things as you do in the office but they are all in the drawer and they are messy.

rinnah said...

Hey, that's not as bad as you made it out to be when we were first discussing this blogpost! :P

Askmewhats said...

ah I love your "stuff" and how you box them! I haven't really thought of that! Well, since I started working from home, everything's reachable! LOL!!!

Kahani said...

Lyn: Heheh it's this temptation to keep adding. Brought a red lippie to add to the box but forgot my fragrance AGAIN.

Lavender: It's to provide some sort of limit to my madness. I got the box from Daiso btw.

Rinnah: Well how was I to know we'd be equally nuts and therefore, more normal? =P

Nikki: it's a heartbeat away from turning into a mini chest of drawers... but I fear my colleague's ridicule. =P

plue said...

i have no beauty stuff on my desk.

everything i need is in the bag which is lipbalms and oil blotter :P

beetrice said...

holy cow that's a lot! :P but glad to know some of us are in the same boat.. ;)