May 02, 2012

What is a foundation that isn't a foundation? Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation

They thoughtfully provided
a lock cap thingamy for travel as well
Quite some time back, my sister dragged me to the Dr. Perricone counter. "You have to try their No Foundation Foundation."

"Their whaaa?"

A makeup artist friend had recommended it, she said, and her skin looked lovely and glowy after using it.

I tried it on and didn't see much difference until I glanced in a mirror an hour later.


My skin did look great and glowy. There wasn't any oil at all, my skin was well-hydrated and best of all, it looked touchable. My skin hasn't been that way since I was 10 and I thought I would never see it again until I tried THIS.

Dr Perricone's No Foundation Foundation resembles BB cream where there's only one shade and the formula is a magic moisturiser with SPF 30. The differences are that this really blends in seamlessly for all skin tones (tried it on my much darker mother and it worked) and looks really good.

The coverage is really sheer so you have to use a concealer with this. I don't think a lot of people would like this foundation (if it can be called that) for this reason. I still don't get how something this sheer makes my skin look so good, acne scars and all.

If you have dehydrated skin like mine, then I recommend giving this a go. It lives up to its all day moisturising claims as I do not oil up at all and works as a pick me up on days when you haven't had enough sleep and your skin looks dull and dry. Forget about Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (never worked for me), this is where you should be putting your dough.

Try it out first before buying though. While this really works for me, it may oxidise and turn orange on you. Or your skin may not like the ingredients.

Sadly, bottled miracles do not come cheap. Dr Perricone's No Foundation Foundation retails at RM220 for 30ml in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

this sounds like such a great find, albeit pricey :( do you have any pics of it worn on?

enjoyed reading your post, bookmarked! :)

Yani said...

I loved this! Got it when it first came out and I used this till it finished. Two things I wasn't happy about was that once it's almost finished you'll find that it's harder to pump out, even when you can clearly see that there's still quite a bit left. And that fishy Perricone smell was very noticeable.

Eli said...

anonymoushedonist: I tried to take some photos with it on but I couldn't catch the difference. Plus, I suck at self-photography.

Yani: Oh dear. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Everyone says that this has an odd scent but I don't get a fishy smell from this.