July 30, 2012

Absolutely natural: Topicrem Rouge Á Lévres Phantom

On my power whizz through a French pharmacy in Cannes, this unusual lippy stopped me dead in my tracks. Completely clear, with silver sparkles it looked like the toy plastic lipsticks I used on my Barbie dolls once upon a time.

Muddling through the French explanation I gathered that it would go on clear and morph into a natural pink shade based on my lip chemistry / heat / god knows what. 

I swiped it on my hand and it did indeed slowly morph into quite a pretty clear pink. Most importantly the silver sparkles didn't show up AT ALL. 

I impulse bought it and after a few uses was completely and utterly in luuuuurve.
All my life I've always had pale, beigy lips which makes me look tired and a little washed out. I've always envied girls who had naturally pink lips and a lot of my sheer pink lippy / pink lipstain madness stems from striving for that absolutely natural pink lipped look. Well I finally found it.

This lipstick is so sheer that it feels like a dry-ish balm going on. It then stains my lips a completely natural reddish pink. You really can't tell I have lipstick on! It's not glossy, it's not matte, it looks like I was born that way. 

It is of course, impossible to photograph. This was snapped on the plane back from Cannes. 

But it really isn't that cool a shade in real life. Trust me. 

I find it also lasts a surprisingly long time, even through meals acting like a lipstain. 

It also smells faintly of citrus. YUM!

A word of warning though, although it feels rather like a balm going on, it isn't and probably won't moisturise your lips. Also, when Syen tried it on, it did nothing. Nada. We couldn't tell she had anything on at all. So either it's too sheer for her lips or it didn't react with them. 

If I ever wander through a French pharmacy again I'm SO repurchasing. It's €9.90 so it's a little pricey but not crazily so. If you're a pale-lipped girl like me you really wanna check this one out!


Syen said...

It doesn't like me. Boo. LOL.

Kahani said...

your lips are already too pretty. =P

Fiona Chan said...

I really want to try this! D: But all the way in France... I have super pale lips too I often look sick :/

Kahani said...

@Fiona just look out for opportunities. Y'never know. =)