August 01, 2012

Mascara Wand Fail and Winter Makeup Woes

I was half asleep when I opened up a new tube of mascara yesterday and pulled out the wand.... to find the brush missing. It looks like the brush had got stuck in the tube and broke off when I removed the wand. I had to sit down and laugh for a good 5 minutes before I could dig out another new tube from my stash.

Thank goodness for backups.

Australian readers, is just me or has the cold weather affected your makeup as well? I have been blasting my mascara and concealer with the hairdryer for the past few mornings because they don't apply well otherwise. Forget about warming the concealer using the back of my hands; I have really poor blood circulation and my hands are icy cold all the time.


Askmewhats said...

well good thing we don't have winter down here (only typhoon) so I don't experience such! But damn, I'll be dumbfounded if this happened to me! Esp on a new mascara!

Kahani said...

Hahaha to that mascara wand. Think it's because the mascara's so cold it hardened and trapped the head? Btw I've been using it lately and I like it! Would prefer more volume but the definition and length are there alright!

mobb said...

that's really bad

dom said...

ROFL! BTW I'm heading down to Sydney in Sept, we might be able to meet up? If so I don't mind bringing a few of these for additional backups.

Eli said...

Askmewhats: I know! I was looking blankly at the wand for the longest time before I realised what happened.

Kahani: It could be the cold. Am taking precautions by warming the mascara with my hairdryer before opening the tube. Hi-def could do with more volume but it's great for an everyday look.

mobb: Tell me about it.

Dom: I actually might take you up on that offer! PM me your dates on Facebook and I'll check if I have anything going on.