July 08, 2012

French Pharmacy Mini-Haul

So I was recently sent on a work trip to cover the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and in between the crazy amounts of running, networking, taking down seminars and interviewing people I managed to snatch a bare 30 mins to dash into two French pharmacies and Sephora (not bad aye?) and grab a few items in a frenzy of high-powered shopping.

In a sorta clockwise fashion, starting with the pencil on the far left, I picked up (with mini reviews)...
  1. Sephora's Flashy Liner Waterproof Pencil in #14 Flashy Taupe (amazingly smudge proof pencil and dark taupe is such a great eyeliner colour!) for €6.50
  2. Topicrem Rounge a Levres Phantom (a really fun lipstick that goes on clear, turns pink) for €9.90
  3. John Frieda Frizz Ease (because this summer my hair's gone from sleek to shriek) for €15.90
  4. Vichy Derma Blend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream-Stick (silicone free, here's hoping!) for €20.90
  5. Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water (for the plane, wipes break me out) for €3.90
  6. Clarins Rouge Jolie Rouge Brilliant in #7 Raspberry (I blame Lisa Eldridge for this one, but pretty, sheer, shimmery and smells of berries, so far I like) for €20.90

I also picked up...

The, usually pricey but surprisingly affordable in France at €7.90 a pop, dry shampoo by Klorane in extra gentle with oat milk in a non-aerosolised container (great for travel and planes)

And one in an aerosol container (alas) with Nettle extract for oily hair (yay - works awesome, full review coming).
And that's all! I looked out for affordable Bioderma products but somehow didn't see the sunscreen I wanted so that's boo. 

Any one else done the French pharmacy blitz? What's your must-grab products?


AskMeWhats said...

Vichy!!!! Since I saw the "tattoo Man" commercial, I've been lemming for it!!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how it'll work in our weather !!!! :)

plue said...

Topicrem Rounge a Levres Phantom--> is this the one you showed us earlier when we had dinner?

and your time management is awesome! despite all the work n such u manage to go shopping :P

Kahani said...

Nikki: I'm a little nervous since my skin is so nice and clear right now. Will wait till I have a blemish to cover (then I'll go oh well, I have one there ANYWAY). So far though it doesn't seem all that opaque.

Plue: Yup! Cute isn't it? And thanks, it was a grab and run kinda scenario. =P

Paris B said...

The only thing I recognised was the Clarins Joli Rouge, a formula I love too! Nice little compact haul :D

Kahani said...

Thanks PB! I now have this sudden influx of expensive lippies and I'm overwhelmed by my own greed. =P