July 04, 2012

Reader Q&A: What should I get from Japan?

I have just reached Japan and am staying around the corner from Senso-ji Temple. Sightseeing and stuff has been decided on but I still don't know what skincare I should check out.

Kahani recommended that I get Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil; while Plue assures me that I can find everything in Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Am still rather overwhelmed so here is a question for you readers:

What are your Japanese drugstore skincare recommendations for dry skin? If possible, stuff with low alcohol and hyaluronic acid content. Hair product recommendations for dry hair are welcome too!


plue said...

get Shiseido perfect whip foam! i love that one, dense creamy foam that's not drying :D I didn't get to try the perfect oil from this range, but i checked reviews it seems not bad :)

you can try getting your hands on the shiseido foundation brush, drugstore version :D they should have it.

Tine said...

Matsumoto Kiyoshi was my beauty heaven in Japan. Oh you lucky lucky duck!

It's been a while since I've used a lot of Japanese products so I can't tell you much about skincare products. Do check out the makeup range you'll find at konbinis though. Last I remembered, Shiseido did a range of makeup for konbinis, and they're really cute.

Oh, and an auntie suggestion, get their 525 yen umbrellas when you're there. Brand is Waterfront (foldable ones). Available at almost all konbinis (e.g. Familiy Mart, 7-11, etc). They are very light and good to use :)

Askmewhats said...

Wow! I stayed near Senso-ji Temple too!!!! The temple itself have so many places to shop! For souvenirs! Out of topic, but don't forget to try the Takoyaki Balls near Sensoji Temple! :)

With re: to cosmetics, I agree with Tine matsumoto Kiyoshi is HUGE and they're like Sasa or Bonjour (Japan version), You see them everywhere! Oh, when you're around Shibuya area, there are some small (looking) cosmetic shops (but huge once you get in) that you should give it a go as most of the items they sell there are cheaper! Try Shiseido, Kiss Me, Kate etc.!!!