August 20, 2012

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant in #07 Raspberry

For the first time in my life I've inundated myself with expensive lippies and this is one of them.

I've been looking high and low for Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant ever since Lisa Eldridge used it in Hibiscus for her Pink Flushed look. Which is, by the way, topping my list of favourite looks of all time for spring and summer. 

Oh heck, let's pause and watch it here:

How can that perfectly glossy, sheer, fresh pink lipstick NOT haunt you ever after? 

It haunted me.

Anyways, back to the tale, when I swooped into Sephora in Cannes I made a beeline for the Clarins counter and whooped when I found the Joli Rouge Brilliant range. I found the shade Lisa E used, #15 Pink Magnolia, which is a lovely shade but a touch brown for me. I've come to learn that Lisa Eldridge looks far better in browny-pink shades than I do. On her, they look natural and fresh and pink. On me, they look very natural at best, brown, nineties and blah at worst. 

So I went one shade pinker and bought Raspberry. 

I walked out into the brilliant French riviera sunlight, ripped off the packaging and nearly burst into tears. It was FULL of silver chunks of glitter. FULL.

I was bitterly disappointed but sulkily swiped it on and went on my way.

Thank goodness, the story doesn't end there. I freaking LOVE this lipstick now. Love love love.

The glitter? Pah, it doesn't show up unless you really eyeball yourself with a mirror in direct sunlight. Mostly it looks glossy, fresh and natural. 

Have I mentioned how much I like sheer pink lipsticks by the way? 

And it's one of those perfect shades for me. It's pink, but not too cool, warm or red. It's a bit of everything and really suits me. It's moisturising and smells of berry-flavoured candy. Yum!
One gripe is that it really doesn't last very long but heck it's so fun to reapply. 

The tube is heavy, solid shiny metal with a clear acrylic base and feels utterly lux. 

I'm not sure I'd purchase this in other shades but Raspberry is perfect for me in this formula and the sting of splurging €22.90 on it has definitely faded away. It's a treat to use and makes me feel happy - which is what really counts, right?


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