August 17, 2012

The Dior Golden Savannah: My luxury nude palette ~

Love at first sight. Still happens in this day and age, apparently.

The moment I set my eyes on the Golden Savannah palette on the blogs, I knew it was already mine.

True to my bad habit, I've been petting and oohing and aahing over this gorgeous palette for daaays now. And finally got around to defiling it for blog's sake.

It's not always that I splurge on a Dior palette. In fact, this is only my second. But it's a palette of gorgeous neutral shades, and I just could.not.resist.

The quint is made up of a medium brown (top left), a coppery-bronze (bronzey-copper? top right), khaki (bottom left), deep cool brown (bottom right) and a frosty pale gold (middle). All are shimmery, except for the pale gold, which is outright frosty.

(From left: Frosty pale gold, khaki, deep cool brown, coppery-bronze and medium brown.)

Texture wise, the shades are all really pigmented and buttery. Really lovely.

Even the frosty shade (which I am usually a little wary of), blends easily over the other shades, adding a little depth.

If I did have one wish, it would be for the khaki to lean a little more green. That would have made this palette even more versatile, I think.

Over here, I wore the coppery-bronze shade in the inner corner, deep cool brown in the outer corner, a wash of the frosty gold over both on the upper lid (with liner). On the lower lid, I lined my eye with Sephora Nano liner in Golden Sand #7 and applied the khaki shade over it.

I paid RM200 for this little piece of luxury, but I have absolutely no regrets. I mean, it is Dior.

If you're a neutral's girl, this palette was made for you. Love!

PS: Me thinks ParisB did a gorgeous eye with her Golden Savannah palette too!


Annette said...

I agree. Dior eyeshadows are just in a class of its own. Heck, its own planet.

Askmewhats said...

Gosh, you look gorgeous (even just the eyes)! Lovely eye makeup you've done and the colors are wonderful!

Syen said...

Annette: Hehe. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for future palettes!

Nikki: Thank you dear. Appreciate the compliment! =)