September 17, 2012

An empty I'm going to miss: Esmeria Organics Alpine Willowherb Purifying Cleansing Gel

I really do owe Esmeria an apology for this one. They sent it to me ages ago, before I left for Hong Kong. In the craze of moving though, I think I used it once, noted that it left a residue and set it aside. 

When I last returned to Malaysia though I found that my bottle of Johnson's Head to Toe (which I use as a facial cleanser) had been used up. Rummaging through what's left of my beauty store I came across this bright pink tube

With Dom's review fresh in my mind, I shrugged and gave it a go. 

Yes it leaves a slight residue, but as I used this medicinal smelling cleanser I started to believe (in a way that was perhaps more therapeutic than realistic) that the residue was helping to heal the angry outbreak I had thanks to Simple's (Evil) Cleansing Wipes

The very next morning after using it, I found the breakout was a lot less angry and had started to shrink. Then the worst ones came to a head and healed rapidly. 

I'm hesitant to credit everything to this cleanser because I find my hair and skin improves when I get to go back to Malaysia and bathe in my home's incredible filtered water (thanks dad!). If I ever get a place of my own I'm installing one of those amazing filters, one bath and my hair's bouncier and my skin happier. Argh. 

Back to the cleanser, I've been using it once or twice daily ever since for the past two and a half months and it's just about empty now. I found it was less effective once I returned to Hong Kong but I still rather enjoyed using it. Plus I think it helped cleanse oily skin without stripping it and the clarifying ingredients were a gentle help to my congested skin.

I will happily repurchase this tube when I get back to Malaysia if I can find it. At RM32.90 it's well worth the price. 

A warning though, and a suggestion for Esmeria. Because organic coagulators aren't as effective as inorganic the cleanser is really runny and it's hard to control the amount that comes out - which is sad in a small tube. Plus a little goes a long way!

I would suggest that Esmeria considers using an upright bottle or a pump (even better!) bottle for this cleanser. I may even decant my next tube into a small pump bottle to avoid wastage.  I also hope they're able to market themselves in Hong Kong soon. I've had consistently good results with their products so far and would love them to be easily available. 


dom said...

thanks for the link love Kahani! You can find this at Caring and Vitacare pharmacies, they're well-stocked there :). If you need, let me know. I can stock up and pass it to you when I see you next :)

Kahani said...

Ooh thanks Dom! No worries, I can usually contact Esmeria, wail, and they can tell me where to find it. =)

Syen said...

Dont worry about stock. Caring pharmacy at 1U has quite a good stock of Esmeria stuff! And 1U is practically Kahani's 2nd home! LOL.