September 14, 2012

Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liners: A review + swatches!

Colour me happy.

Since I started out on ONE of these Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liners, I've gone back for more. Because they're so good, one really wasn't enough.

As you can see, I currently have five. From left: #09 Kaki, #07 Brown, #06 Copper, #04 Taupe and #03 Grey.

They're rich, apply smoothly, and easy to blend (quite unlike Urban Decay's which sets in like 2 seconds). But once they set (give them a minute or so), they don't budge much.

The claim is that they last 12 hours. Honestly, they kind of do, but I've also noticed some creasing towards the end of the day on some days. Granted, I live in Malaysia where it's hot and humid all year round, so I forgive it that much. It definitely works better for me when I set it with powder shadow than without.

But what I really love about them is how easy they are to use!

I use them on bare lids (no primer), pat with my ring finger to blend them out a bit, apply my powder shadows, liner and I'm done. Easy peasy.

From left: #09 Kaki, #07 Brown, #06 Copper, #04 Taupe and #03 Grey. With bounced flash above, and direct flash below.

My favourite shades are Kaki, Copper and Taupe. I really like the brown, but it takes a little more effort with the blending.

And they're great for travelling too. They're not terribly long, so they fit nicely into my makeup bag.

If I had a gripe, it would be that I have to sharpen them. I really do wish these came with a twist-up function, so there isn't any product wastage. Thankfully, they're priced at RM36 each (if I remember correctly), which makes them rather value for money.

Even though I've been using my Taupe jumbo liner SO often since the beginning of this year, I've only had to sharpen it several times. It's not that much shorter from it's original length!

I really love my jumbo liners. Have you tried them?

(PS: I had to massage in my oil cleanser just to remove the swatches! How's that for non-budgeability?)


Kahani said...

Ooh, as thanks to you I have Kaki and Taupe, I'm eyeing brown (for when I want to drama-up Taupe maybe?) and Grey for a smokey eye...

Btw, I find that setting it with a light dusting of translucent powder really helps it last till the end of the day without altering either the shine or colour!

Syen said...

Pick more up when you're back next. Hehe. Oooh. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a go. =)

raphee said...

I am in love with these liners! I currently have copper and violet. definitely liking the taupe in the post. must give that a try when I visit Sephora next :) i also would love a light champagne colour to do inner corner highlighting