September 03, 2012

Love it! - Sleek MakeUP Lash Out Mascara

I was deadly afraid to try this one. Western mascaras tend to smudge wildly on me and I hate that. 

But Sleek MakeUP had sent this to us ages ago for review and I was feeling guilty. So I gingerly tested this out on a weekend when nothing special was going on and I could wash it off at anytime. 

One coat and... Ooh!

Two coats and I ran out to grab the boyfriend squealing, "Lookee my eye! Lookee my eye!"

After he acknowledged the difference with great patience and suppressed amusement, I grabbed my phone and snapped this:

Cool, aye?
Now, two weeks into using it, I STILL LOVE IT.

It does smudge a little, yes, but not very much and it's easily cleaned up. 

More than two coats and you may find clumps, but who cares? Two coats to great lashes are awesome and speedy. 

They last all day and hold a curl. 

They're lengthening, volumising and very very black. 

And the wand is AWESOME. It has very short, super dense bristles. 

Picture taken from
And this is awesome because longer bristles fan out and get less dense, the density lets you separate and coat your lashes perfectly in the said two coats. It also lets you get right to the root of the lash and to do your bottom lashes muss free. 

The big drawback is that it's only available online, delivers from the UK and Sleek charges a flat rate of US$13.50 per order. 


Do not love this part. 

Will wait for next coupon / must-have palette and stock the hell up!


Askmewhats said...

wow I can totally see the difference on photos!

beetrice said...

I'll give you two reasons to rejoice - 20% off discount on Sleek AND reduced international shipping charges! :D

Kahani said...

Nikki: Right? RIGHT?

Bee: *does a little dance* Thanks babe. =D

Suprajen888 said...

You are so your reaction on the sleek mascara! I have small eyelashes too..might have to give it a go. =^^=


Kahani said...

Thanks Jen, hope it works for you too. =D