September 07, 2012

Happiness is...

ONE Curling up in bed with a good book.
TWO Curling up in bed with a good movie.
THREE Snuggling with the hubby.
FOUR Sharing the wonderful company of a dear friend/ loved one over a steaming cup of coffee/mocha/tea/hot-chocolate. I'm not very fussy.
FIVE Having banana waffles with chocolate ice-cream to go with FOUR. Or pie. I LOVE pies.

SIX Travelling the world.
SEVEN With my camera in tow.
EIGHT Playing tug-o-war with Rocky and Toby (Kahani's adorable beagles). Or any dog for that matter.
NINE Getting hugs (from people I like and/or love). Yeah, I'm a hugger.
TEN Putting a smile on another person's face.

That's what makes me happy. And that's what happiness means to me (in no particular order).

What makes you happy?

(Note: Photo taken from here.)

1 comment:

Kahani said...

Ooh good happinesses.

Lesse what else I can add (esp since you even stole the one about MY dogs! =p)

- Curling up in bed with a good TV Series
- Reading about good food while eating good food
- Finding THE perfect dress for less
- Walking somewhere beautiful with the boyfriend.