October 12, 2012

New kids on the block: Nivea Pure & Natural lipbalms are delightful!

Guess what lovelies?

We have new lipbalms in town. *smiles*

I picked these - Nivea Pure & Natural in Olive & Lemon, and Camomile & Calendula - up sometime back from Singapore (Changi, to be precise), but never quite had the heart to use them for fear they would run out. And then a few weeks back I spotted them on our Malaysian aisles.

What did I do? Crack them open and swiped them on, of course!

Olive & Lemon: I'm not one for lemony scents, but I must say this one smells delightfully fresh, without the tangy burst that I dislike so much.

Camomile & Calendula: I'm sorry, but the scent is rather faint (to me anyway), so I won't be able to describe the scent to you. My rather useless nose isn't able to pick it up! Boo.

Texture wise, they feel very similar to the other Nivea lipbalms (ala Pink Grapefruit) I love so much. They're sheer (with no tint of course, otherwise you'll have green lips) but leave a slight gloss on my lips. Nice.

One wee little issue. They do turn a little hard when left in a cold COLD room. Like the icebox I work in. (I kid you not. My phone thaws when I go out for lunch!) It gets a little hard to apply then.

They each cost about RM9.90, but you can get them for about RM7ish on sale (which is often enough). These two I like enough to repurchase.

Have you tried them?

PS: Nivea, now will you PLEASE bring Pink Grapefruit back already? Thank you.


kuri said...

wow, I just noticed that we actually have one of these in Japan, although in different packaging, as the Deep Moisture Olive & Lemon flavor. Seems like it's new; I'll have to try it out! And the pink grapefruit. We don't have the camomile + calendula one though.

Hrm, how do you use up your lip balms? I have at least 6 in circulation right now, so I really shouldn't be getting any new ones for a while.

AskMeWhats said...

Same as you, I love Pink Grapefruit, it gives a nice shade of color so natural and sexy! :)

Kahani said...

Hope they launch Olive & Lemon here! Not too optimistic though, Nivea HK is retarded.