September 17, 2009

Review: Liposan/Labello/Nivea Starfruits lipbalm in Pink Grapefruit

Stemming from my shameless love of Nivea Starfruits Lip Balms in Strawberry and Cherry was a longing for the version in Pink Grapefruit - not sold here. Now this is where a mutual love for makeup transcends time and space and goes cosmic.

The day BEFORE Syen read my review on the Cherry balm where I wailed my longing for the pink grapefruit version, she picked up two tubes for me in Greece. She just knew the moment she saw it that I would love it and want it. Then she logged in the next day (in Greece) and read my post. Cool, huh?

I had high hopes that the scent would be crisply pink grapefruit and am slightly disappointed that it mostly smells like Redoxen. I don't hate it, it's quite fun, but I am slightly disappointed.

Like its strawberry and cherry sisters, the balm's colour and glossy finish is what really makes it special. The warm pink is sheer, but visible and it is beautifully glossy. It works brilliantly over stains

The interesting thing is, the balm resembles in colour and scent Benefit's Coralista! I find that pairing up a blush and lippie that matches perfectly creates a uniquely beautiful look and this is no exception. Used together, Coralista and Pink Grapefruit results in a lovely fresh and natural look that glows.

Me likey! And will be smuggling more in when I run out. I wish Nivea would market this in M'sia.

A note about the name
For some reason, Nivea markets its lipbalms under other names Labello and Liposan in Europe. All are manufactured by Beiersdorf and the packaging and formulas appear identical.


beetrice said... didn't post up that pic I took of you when you first got the lipbalm? :p

lovely colour babe..hmm..I wonder whether they'll have it in BKK or not?

LyNn said...

this lipbalm looks so good on you

Kahani said...

bee! I wanted to but my wretched gmail was being funny last night and I tak de masa liao so I just took a snap. I plan to switch it up when I have time. ;) Probably now...

Lynn: Awe thanks babe. To be honest I think I finally figured out that my bathroom, in the morning, is the best damned place to snap pics!

AskMeWhats said...

I have the cherry version from the SWAP!!!! I can't believe I totally forgot about it, I have to use it when I go home!!!! will rip it open! LOL this shade is too pretty on you!

Eli said...

Great picture. My first reaction was, "Who that? Where's K?"

I figured that my room has the best light for swatch pics at the ungodly hour of 8 am. Urgh.

Kahani said...

Eli: OI! I think you just insulted me while complimenting me!!

Nikki: HAHAHHA can't wait to read about how much you love it!

LyNn said...

i agree!
bathroom takes better pic in the morning
if i snap pics in the room have to be around 8 to 10 am max!
no sunlight after :(
but damn weird to snap pic in bathroom since its a shared one between my sis and i :P

prettybeautiful said...

u know what em? i think nivea should get you to be their ambassador :P

Tine said...

That's it, I'm so getting this from Priceline later :P

Kahani said...

Lyn: I share it with my brother, but ah well he's not around now. =D

PrettyB: HAH! I doubt they even know about this post. Well Nivea Malaysia anyway.

Tine: hehehe thou has succumbest to my siren call for lipbalm...

Tsuze said...
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Tsuze said...
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Tsuze said...

Hi Kahani,

I saw all 3 flavours of Nivea Starfuits Lipbalm - Strawberry, Cherry, Grapefruit available at Watsons in Singapore. They are currently having a promotion of 2 for SGD$6.50. Just FYI that you dun have to go too far to get ur back-ups anymore. :) I've grabbed 2 flavours myself after reading ur reviews. Thanks!

Kahani said...

Hi Tsuze! Thanks for the tip-off babe believe it or not the reason i'm not posting this week is because I was whisked off to Singapore for an all-day saturday work trip. While there I had 2 hours to shop in Takashimaya and did some serious damage at Watsons. *shh* so yeps I saw that our friends just over the channel HAVE this flavour. NIVEA MALAYSIA ARE YOU LISTENING?

Tsuze said...

HAhaha... Cool! Glad that you managed to find those goodies and had time to do major shopping spree. Am sure you've more great products to intro us after this trip. :) Do share soon!