November 26, 2012

Collection2000 is in HK: Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer

While wandering around Wan Chai I spotted something in a Watsons there that made me grab the bf and squeal like my foot had been run over by a truck.

After his heart restarted and he forgave me for scaring him half to death, I zoomed into the store and pounced on the brand new counter for UK cult cheapie brand Collection2000!

The products really are affordable, eyeshadows were around HKD30 blushers around HKD60 and from what I've heard the products are not too bad! Even Lisa Eldridge has been known to use one or two of their products on occasion.

I tried to find their Lasting Perfection concealer but it was already sold out, so picked up this undereye Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer Pen because, let's face it, who doesn't need help with dark under-eyes and with the workload I've just cleared, I needed it!

First, let me get out of the way that I hate hate HATE clickety pen type dispensers. Why makeup companies persist in using these wretched things I'll never know. I blame YSL they and their Touch Eclat have resulted in legions of us clickety-clicking as nothing nothing nothing comes out then GLOOP.

That aside, and let me tell you, it was a long clickety-click nothing nothing nothing session... this cheapie find is not half bad!

I believe this was available in three shades, the first being pinkish and the last quite dark. I'm using Shade 2 which has a nice yellow base and doesn't make me look like a reverse racoon.

It has coverage but is sheer and is indeed brightening, but not too much. It reminds me of Clinique's Air Brush undereye concealer. 

On really bad days I find it helps if I gently blend a light touch of theBalm's Time Balm concealer first and then pat this light liquid concealer over to really brighten the eyes up. I also take it into the inner corners of my eyes along the nose bridge as I find that really helps. My colleagues have been telling me I look refreshed - despite the situation being quite to the contrary. 

It does fade during the day but when set with a sheer powder doesn't crease, which I really appreciate. 

At HKD40 (about - sorry I've been using it for 3-4 weeks now and forgot to note the exact price) it's definitely worth a repurchase. If I can FIND it. I've been looking out for Collection2000 stands in every Watsons I pass but no dice. Darn inconsistent HK!

Update: Reader Wendy is dead right. You may find it in SOME Watsons but it's available at ALL Maple boutiques (I believe - if it's in North Point, it's everywhere). Take that evil Watsons! 


AskMeWhats said...

hahahah I agree with you on the clikety-clik nothing nothing to GLOOP! hahahaha

I love Lisa Eldridge and I would purchase this too if I get to visit HK! This product (at first glance) reminded me so much of the Maybelline concealer in "click click" pen too! It has illuminating powers too just like this!

Kahani said...

LOL! yeah give me a wand concealer tube any time.

If I ever find a counter Nikki I'll take note of its exact location this time!

Stephanie said...

waaaiiit, so they DO stock the lasting perfection concealer in HK??? last time i found the collection stand at one of the watson's in central they didn't have any concealers by them! only foundations and colour cosmetics! must. hunt. down. that concealer... it's HG stuff!

Kahani said...

@stephanie, I saw the stand for it but they were out! Where WHERE IN CENTRAL? TELL ME WOMAN!

Wendy said...

I found a pretty big display case (larger than the ones from watsons)of collection 2000 cosmetics at MAPLE clothing store in Park Central, TKO. I didn't see any concealers but I did grab 4 of the illuminating brighteners. I'll probably be checking most of the MAPLE stores around TKO for the concealer. Oh, almost forgot to mention, the packaging does suck. Love your blog. =)

Kahani said...

Wendy: Thanks so much! I found it in a Maple store right next to where I live. Yay Maple, boo Watsons! Oh and thanks for the nice words =)

Anonymous said...

What's the address of the Watsons store?