December 03, 2012

Daily go-to: Maybelline Color 24HR Tattoo cream shadow in #35 On and On Bronze

I'm usually reluctant to review cream shadows until I've test-driven them awhile. I hate raving about a shadow only to find that a month later it's dried, cracked and unusable. Which is why I've waited THREE months to review this baby - so I can tell you it's still going strong.

Syen put me on to this one when she asked me to pick up up online for her as it's not available in Hong Kong or Malaysia yet (boo!). But if you get a chance to buy this from Australia or online from FeelUnique (like I did - free shipping to HK), grab it! It's only GBP4.99 on Feel Unique by the way.

I have this shadow in On-and-On-Bronze as well as Permanent Taupe and I definitely prefer "bronze". Don't let the names fool you though. Bronze is more Taupe (as you'll see in the swatch below) and Taupe is more dark grey. Annoying huh?

Also, Taupe is a matte shade and definitely resembles the hard to spread Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. It does make an awesome base though. But so does Bronze. More on that!
I find myself reaching for Bronze as a quick one-step eye makeup solution ever morning. No primer needed, just grab my synthetic brush, pat onto the lid and smudge into the sockets and done!

When smudged in it, it sheers out to be a lot less shimmery and when patted on it looks deeper and more metallic - essentially giving you two shadows in one.

The shade is a mid-toned taupe that's slightly on the warm side but is by and large very neutral. I use it with both warm and cool toned blushes and it looks perfect. It's very similar to Shu Uemura's ME-850 eyeshadow. I also find it slightly deeper than Sephora's Taupe Crayon which can sometimes lack a bit of oomph on me.

I have to admit with this baby on hand all my other shadows are not getting much attention. I even use it on nights out as a base, smudging a darker shade into my outer corners and along my lashline.

Oh, and of course, it lasts all day even on my very oily skin with no smudging or creasing.

This is a HG for me and I'm even buying an extra one for my travel kit.


Syen said...

Nice to know it works great. Can't wait to get mine. *tee hee*

Kerry Provenzano said...

I've been debating about this product for a while! I like the fact the bronze is more a taupe colour so I might have to give it a whirl. I think I'll use it as a base like you said. I've got my Naked 2 palette on the way so it's a cheaper base than the Primer Potion! Feel free to pop over to my blog and say hi if you get the chance, i'd love to hear from you :) x

MisSmall said...

Good to know...or else I wouldn't have given it a second look just because it's bronze. :P

Kahani said...

Syen: Teehee hee!

Kerry: Thanks for swinging by, you'll love it I think and it's cheap as chips so give it a try. Totally checking out your blog now!

MisSmall: me too! Most bronze / copper shades make me look diseased. We have Syen to thank for this revelations. =)

Askmewhats said...

wow, glad to know it didn't dried out or looks cracked and weird after 3 long months! I wonder how long will this product last? It looks very pigmented and a little goes a long way!

P.S. I find it weird that really good product like this isn't available WORLDWIDE!

Emie said...

Hmmm...impressive. I like the color and i think I wanna try it out. Based on your review, it looks like it is worth a try.

Kahani said...

nikki: So far so good, i'm hoping it'll last at least 6 months to a year. And yes it's so annoying when they hold out on us in Asia!