March 18, 2013

Instant face brightner: Korres Lip Butter Stick in Rose

Hello ladies,

I know I've been terribly quiet of late, but the truth is I received a rather major promotion at work and the learning curve has been kinda steep. I'm really happy, not complaining, but I've had terrible brain-fag and just couldn't face the thought of writing or thinking even more on the weekends. So I've taken a bit of a break. 

I think I'm back now!

As you can see, I'm still a tinted lip balm addict and when I saw that Korres' lip balms were available in a convenient stick format I went bananas and bought three in rose, pink and peach.

Here's a confession though, peach and pink really aren't thrilling my boat. They're too sheer and too pastel. I've mostly been using them to augment my lip tint of the day - do I want it warmer? cooler? paler? - or as a regular lip balm. 

But the rose shade... ahh.. the rose shade..

You know that natural but perfect red all the girls in Downton Abbey and Jane Austen novels have going? This is IT.

It's bright, but it's sheer even tint makes it look beautifully natural. It's also not glossy (unlike Nivea's tintend balms) which definitely helps with the I-just-bit-my-lips look. And I also find that I look a lot brighter and rosier after swiping this on - even when I'm barefaced and makeup-less (always the ultimate test).

It's also moisturising enough to use on its own, is organic and has SPF15. What more could you want?

I bought mine via HQHair and it retails for GBP6.50 there's currently a 25 per cent sale on for all Korres products by the way!


The Unprofessional Beauty Blog said...

Great post. I love the lip butter from Korres. They are so creamy and moisturizing.

Syen said...

Hahhaa.. I remember when both of us went "Look what I got!" and we got exactly the same tinted balms.

I haven't been giving this one too much love, been using the peach one more. But looks like I should whip this one out a bit more. =)

Love your post and piccies!