March 20, 2013

Much A-Moo about MooGoo*: MooGoo Milk Wash

I have ridiculously sensitive skin that breaks out into rashes upon contact with strongly fragranced bath products; or products that are too harsh on my skin – I haven’t used a Dove bar soap or Body Shop product in years. Sometimes, it doesn’t have anything to do with the product at all; I can get rashes from hard water.

As you can imagine, my choice in shower creams is pretty much limited to boring, non-scented, dermatologically approved products. Ego QVWash and bar soaps have been bath staples for years and I probably would have never dreamt of switching until I got a sample bottle of MooGoo’s Milk Wash last year.

Go ahead and laugh but MooGoo has revolutionised my shower habits forever. Seriously.

The Milk Wash is a really gentle cleanser that leaves my skin feeling soft and rash-free. I normally have to moisturise like crazy after a shower but with this wash, I can skip using moisturiser for a few days if I am pressed for time. The milk protein in it keeps my skin from drying out and gives off a faint milky scent (baby milk, not sour milk) that fades soon after washing off.

I have tried using this as a face wash as well and it works really well. It leaves my face feeling a little drier than Cetaphil but it isn’t huge issue since I use a hydrating serum and moisturiser immediately after.

MooGoo’s Milk Wash is probably going replace Cetaphil as my regular face cleanser once I am done with my current bottle! And, that means a lot since I have been using Cetaphil for nearly 10 years.

It also means less clutter as I now get to remove an extra bottle from my tiny shower shelf.

The wash does take a while to get used to but just remember to work it up into lather first (or use a bath sponge, it is much faster that way) and it cleanses fine.

This is going to sound really silly but I am so happy to finally see the end of blue and white bottles in my bathroom. Dermatologically tested products are always packaged in utilitarian-looking bottles; it takes the fun out of bath time.

I never thought I would celebrate over something in pink and cutesy packaging but look at the label. The letters are pale pink! It looks pretty! And, there is a COW on it. What is there not to love about the packaging?

MooGoo’s Milky Wash retails at AUD17.50 for 500 ml. It usually comes in a pump bottle but the picture from their website – which I used here – shows a flip top bottle so I am not sure if they have changed the packaging.

MooGoo can be a little hard to find in Australia as it is not stocked at supermarkets or Priceline. It’s actually much easier to find in Malaysia. You can find a list of stockists here

My local pharmacy happens to provide samples of other MooGoo products for you to try or to pass around to friends. The samples are really generous and great for travel so it’s worth asking your local stockist if they give samples as well.


Kahani said...

yay for fun body washes and yay for reappearing, Eli! =D

Syen said...

"The letters are pale pink! It looks pretty! And, there is a COW on it." ROTFL.

You're making me wanna try this body wash now, Eli! =)

Foong Jin said...

I think the body wash smells like vanilla! Really yummy! :D

I'm using their MSM Soothing Cream and it works awesome on my finicky skin! I bought the Milk Wash to replace Cetaphil, but my skin broke out from it, so it's back to Cetaphil for me (I dare not stray anymore) and this is now relegated to being a body wash.