March 25, 2013

Testing new skincare or foundations

With my finicky skin, testing skincare, primer or foundation is... well... it's an act of either courage or desperation which is why unless I'm on the hunt for a solution I've stopped accepting skincare for reviews. 

When I do have to test something though, here's what I do.

  1. I wait till my skin is either completely or mostly clear OR it's been breaking out for awhile and I can't stop it (this is desperation). The problem is if my skin IS clear I hate to disrupt it at all and sometimes will hold off trying a new product for ages because of this.
  2. When I finally get the guts to try it out, motivated by curiosity or some form of mild insanity, I apply a light layer for a night event. Why night? Because it's cooler and shorter and thus less likely to greatly piss off my skin.
  3. I wait a week and watch my skin anxiously for breakouts. Because these things can take a few days to surface, it's best to wait a week. 
  4. If I DO breakout, I clear up again and repeat step 1 to be sure it's the product.
  5. If nothing bad happens I test it for a day. Then stop again for a week.
  6. If nothing happens again I move on to alternate use. The idea here is that if I DO breakout, it won't be as bad or last as long.
  7. By this time I'm pretty sure if my skin likes the product or hates it and I either dump it or use it daily. 

The entire process takes a month and is fraught with fear.

I'm hostage to my own skin. Damn.

How do you test out new products? Hope you're having an easier time of it than I am!


Annette said...

Totally get what you're going through. As a proud owner of a rosacea skin, it's frustrating because I like to try new products too. Doesn't help matters when we follow some beauty blog/surf makeupalley and they rave and rave and rave about it. I like your method. I think I'll try that (skin is breaking out at the moment) one day.

Eli said...

Everything begins with the sniff test. If I don't sneeze or start tearing up, then I move on to the patch test. If there are no rashes, then I'll proceed to cautiously try the product on my skin.

Its a loooong waiting game. And it usually takes about 3 weeks for my skin to decide whether it likes or hates something.

Kahani said...

@Annette hope the methodology works for you!

Man Eli you win the crazy skin award!

Alice said...

I do my testing by putting a small amount in the affected area but not the whole area but small area only. Try it a couple of days then if I notice good results then put the product on the whole area.

Kahani said...

Alice: Good call on that only I can't decide what area of my face to sacrifice! =(

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