May 16, 2008

Duped: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

Yes, it's a little soon for another dupe post, but I just had to share this good news. It's out! At last, L'Oreal's Double Extemsion Beauty Tubes is OUT. It's not available yet in Boots, but it is in Superdrug (although not on their site) at a promotional price of £7.99 PLUS Superdrug is having a 3 for 2 offer on ALL L'oreal products - including skincare and makeup.

I have been waiting for this mascara ever since reading this reivew by Kiss and Makeup, way back in March. It is a dupe of the cult-favourite, Blinc Kiss Me Mascara because it utilizes the same "beauty tube" technology where each lash is coated in a water resistant tube of mascara, resulting in longer, fluttery, waterproof and smudgeproof lashes that last until you slip them off with warm water. But this is one case where I think the cheaper dupe has exceeded its more expensive rival.

Although I've never tried Blinc's version, previous reviews have commented on the lack of volume or length it provides, but many love it anyway because it lives up to its claims of being waterproof, flake proof, and easy to remove. L'Oreal has matched Blinc on all these counts, and gone one up, by adding its white, fiber-filled base.

The first step uses fibers to add volume and length to your lashes. So when using it, zig zag it at the base of your lashes to gain volume, then concentrate on flicking it on the ends of your lashes, building them up until they're the length you want. I manage to build mine up to previously unseen lengths - almost looking like I had false lashes on. However, I could do with a bit more volume as my lashes looked a wee bit spidery. Still, considering how short and sparse the looking my natural lashes are, I'm certainly not complaining.

Once you've achieved your desired look, it's time to move onto the black topcoat. This can be slightly annoying as it is very sheer and completely un-clumpy. So it can take awhile to coat all your lashes, but once you have you're left with long, fluttery lashes that last and last and last.

And has it lasted? After a day of running around, and getting stuck in a hot crowded tube, my mascara has not budged, smudged, or allowed my lashes to wilt. On my oily skin this has always been a pie-in-the-sky dream for me. What's more, I even did that incredible no-no, I applied mascara to my lower lashes - almost a guaranteed racoon look for me. But this mascara has stood up to even that.

It isn't as easy to remove as I'd like though - or maybe I haven't quite got the knack of it. It took quite a few tries to gently "slip" the tubes off my lashes. But this is a price I'm more than willing to pay for this wonderful dream come true in a tube.

*Disclaimer: The "Duped" column refers only to cheaper alternatives for more expensive products. It in no way implies that the cheaper product deliberately duplicated the pricier version. In some cases, the cheaper product may pre-date the more expensive product.


lilsweetkaz said...

I just recently saw this in the shops! Thanks for your review.. if it really doesn't smudge/budge on oily lids, then it must be good! And it's much cheaper than blinc, which is a bonus!

Kahani said...

Thanks for dropping by lilsweetkatz. =) I've been using it daily since the review and it definitely doesn't budge on oily lids. Only warm water over 37ºC will cause it to budge. Brilliant isn't it?

lilsweetkaz said...

Yes indeed! I know what you mean about spidery lashes (i haven't used it) but they were using it on this taiwanese beauty program and after many layers the effect is kinda spidery, not the average volumized effect. But hey, it's still better than smudged mascara for us oily lids =P. I'm so trying this out... might get it someone to buy from the US. Did you know drugstore brands are like 1/2 the price there? it's crazy! we're getting ripped off (I'm from Australia)

Kahani said...

Yes I know. I still hope to find a site like who will ship american d/s products internationally at affordable rates. The UK is definitely plagued with expensive d/s cosmetics. = (

Here's an idea I came across somewhere (I can't remember where now). Use a regular non-waterproof volumnizing mascara and then coat with the beauty tubes for the staying power. I'm going to give it a shot. If it works out well, I'll update the post. ;)

lilsweetkaz said...

Ahhh, good idea! Do let us know how it works. I tried this out today and it doesn't hold my curl and kinda clumps my lashes together =(
I really like that it doesn't budge but I don't like it's 'look'.Do you have this problem too?

Kahani said...

Aww lilsweetkatz, I'm so sorry you don't like the mascara. I guess my lashes are too short for me to be bothered by clumping. >_<

Maybe it's the base that's giving you problems? You can layer the tube-end over a volumnising non-waterproof mascara that you like to seal in the mascara and still get the volume.

kim.pine said...

I just tried this, and it does work, but as you stated, it's really hard to get off, and it almost feels (and looks) as though I'm ripping out my lashes. The waterproof was put to the test (standing out in the rain and crying, though not at the same time) but I wasn't crazy about how to remove it, I'd much rather just wash off my mascara with an oil free remover that adds moisture...

maybe I'll use it for my wedding, I'm a crier in that sense, but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis.