November 15, 2008

Beauty Blogger Event at Stage Cosmetics

Last Saturday, Syen and I had a wonderful makeup filled day with fellow bloggers, ParisB, Beetrice, and KimberlyCun at KL Pavillion. This cool makeup workshop was organised by Alliance Cosmetics to promote their latest premier line - Stage. Full credit goes to Beetrice for being instrumental in organising it!

Warning: Lots of pics (taken by professional photographer, Adam) if you read on. But you'll also get a brief overview of my impressions on Stage Cosmetics, and an unqualified rave for ONE product you MUST get!

Running the workshop was John Boudville (above) and though he tried in vain to advise us on how best to apply the products - mostly we were a stubborn bunch and went our own way. I know I did. *blushes* Here's he's explaining the differences between the mascaras, which I have to say are pretty amazing. I used Drama Lash (RM50) for "dramatic lashes" and boy oh boy did it deliver! This one I will go back to buy!

One thing we did learn (and do) was to put our foundation on with a brush (here's ParisB and KimberlyCun hard at it). I was a little frustrated with the foundation they gave us to try though. Although I'd repeatedly mentioned my very oily skin (yes sorry girls) they gave me their Picture Perfect Foundation (RM90)which, although oil free had melted off my face by the time I'd reached home. But that's just my crazy skin. The finish was sheer, but natural and with concealer (Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage - RM55 ), it covered all my flaws. Still I wish I'd had a chance to road-test their Studio Perfect Foundation for "overactive, shine prone skin".

Syen and I had a hard time choosing the right blush (RM58), but in the end we managed! Their blushers are quite lovely, highly pigmented and very fine. The merest touch with a brush is enough to give you a glow. I can recommend Gerbera, a lovely shimmery peachy shade that will give you a glow, and Amaryllis, a nice nude pink for a pop of colour.

If you know Syen, you'll know she doesn't use mascara - until now! I think this workshop converted her. Even though Angel Lash Mascara (RM50) is supposed to be a "natural effect" mascara, it gave her super-long sky-scraping lashes that were the envy of every girl there.

It's all lips from here on:

I loved the Wondergloss High Shine Lipgloss in Venus (RM55)

Beetrice is now a fan of their Wonderlust Moisturising Lipstick (RM48) although here, she's also using the gloss.

KimberlyCun gives their matte Wonderluxe Satin Lipstick lipstick (RM48) a try. I received a tube in Baby Blossom which I roadtested today and I was surprised at how moisturising and light it felt on my lips - despite being a matte lippy.

At the end we all posed on their "stage" (Yes, Stage cosmetics has a stage) to show off our finished looks.

The only two product lines I really hope they improve are their eyeshadows, which aren't quite pigmented enough, and their brushes, which could be improved quite a bit.

Now for my hands-waving-about you-MUST-buy this rave!

This is the Pro-Lash curler, and at RM35 ladies, it's a steal. A STEAL. How good is this curler? Well, out of five ladies at the workshop, four of us bought curlers.

This curler is so good I didn't even know how lousy my other two curlers (The Body Shop & a free one by Maybelline) have been. It was a revelation. No twisting, poking, adjusting - anything. It fit my eye socket bee-yoo-ti-fully and curled my lashes without effort. No fuss, no muss. It got all the lashes too, and gave them a nice lift.

How does it compare to say, Shu Uemura? ParisB has a Shu curler I believe, and she bought this baby too. How's that? If you're Asian with deep-set eyes, this is a definite must have.

Edit: Beetrice is also totally in love with her curler! Check out her pics (she was hardworking enough to upload her own pics) and her amazing giveaway on her blog! Generous gal. =)

Edit2: Toodle over to MyWomenStuff to check out the incomparable ParisB's reviews, and see if you can snag her offer.


AskMeWhats said...

wow that's a great beauty blogger bonding!!!! I love the group shot! Wish I could see Parisb though :) heheheh But I understand! :)

I am intrigued with the eyelash curler and I am intrigued with the mascara!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL thanks for understanding :) and it was fun - we should do this again! :D

AskMeWhats said...

aww everyone looked so pretty! If I'm in Malaysia, COUNT ME IN!

Anonymous said...

You can probably tell, across the 2000miles, that I'm totally green with envy for not being able to join you girls :p

Looks like such great fun!

PS: Paris ah, you're already on Marie Claire. Still wanna remain anonymous? :P :P :P

Syen said...

Nikki: Oh yes, if you HAD been in Msia, we would have hauled you along! =)

And the eyelash curler was pretty good. =P

Paris: It was uber great and fun! When??? Hehe.. And Tine has a point. It's time to un-mask!

Tine: Would have loved for you to be there too! Next time you're back we should have a bloggers' meet! =)

Kahani said...

Hey Nikki and Tine, when you pop by Malaysia be sure to give us all ahout. I'd love to get together with the girls again and meet up with you guys. It'd be great. =D

Kahani said...

Oops, missed one. Glad I did right, Paris - was afraid you wouldn't like looking spooky. =P

Anonymous said...

Whoa! In that last pic, do I look preternaturally white or what?! :O Scary stage lights hehe...

Anonymous said...

Cool! Will head to the counter and try the curler! Must be interesting, eh? :D

Kahani said...

Paris: Yeah actually I thought you did! But you look pretty anyways (when unmosaic'd). =)

Kimberly Low said...

it was great meeting you both! what a fun session..learnt a lot haha

beetrice said... looks good in the photos (pity about the pixellation!)

aww, thanks kahani! I'm SO addicted to my curler at the moment it's NOT funny...btw, my post is up too! :)

Kahani said...

Beetrice: metoo metoo! Oooh will check it up and edit post to link to your post =D

Syen said...

Kimberlycun: It was great meeting you too. =) Definitely fun.

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