November 13, 2008

Review: Benefit Primpcess

Yes my Benefit haul from the US has arrived. And the first thing I did was crack this baby open, it contained so many goodies I've been lemming. Their eyeshadows, Bo-ing concealer, Eye Bright, Creaseless Cream Shadow (how was I to know a warehouse sale would crop up?) and Bad Gal Lash mascara. And so far, I really love this adorable box! Read on for reviews.

Entire Kit
I have to admit I really love the kooky packaging, and how sturdy it is despite being made of cardboard. The mirror is nice and big too, and everything is securely packed. Nothing rattles around.

All the products go really well together, and the "beauty lesson" is fun and gives you ideas - even if you ultimately realise that the eyeshadow application technique really doesn't work on Asian eyes. *sighs*

The only thing missing from this kit, is an eyeliner. Technically you can use the brown shadow as a liner - but let's face it. I'm not blonde with big blue eyes. Brown liner does nothing for me.

Overall, this kit is totally worth the US$34 (RM123) plus shipping (and a free Miss Popularity I might add) I paid. I'm not so sure if it's worth the RM169 they're attempting to selll it for in the stores here though. -_-

Creaseless Cream Shadow in R.S.V.P
First up, this wee jar of cream shadow is SO CUTE. It's a miniature version of a full-sized cream shadow glass pot. Sure it's a bit of a hassle getting it out of the case, but I forgive it everything once the adorable itty bitty thing is in my palm. And for all that it's tiny I think it does have a nice amount of product in it - especially considering how little you need to use.

The shade is a lovely shimmery pale pink that makes a great base/highlighter shade. It's also supposed to function as an eye primer, which I believe it does - although perhaps not as die-hard hang-in-there as Mac's Paint Pot. It does however apply much more smoothly (and feather-light!) and sets faster than the Paint Pot.

Bo-ing Concealer in Shade 02
This concealer has totally blown me away. The teeniest bit covers like no tomorrow, blends in totally and looks like skin. I'm completely in love and will probably get a full-sized one! It also lasts, doesn't fade or budge all day. Plus 02 is my shade perfectly.

I use it on blemishes, undereyes, over dark spots and it works amazingly well. I rather thought it was all hype but I'm so glad this kit gave me a chance to try it out. LOVE!

Eye Bright
I like the idea of this pink cream. You're supposed to blend it in on the inner corner of your eyes, and from the outer corner to the end of your eyebrow - but I'm not convinced it actually does anything. It's supposed to make you more wide-awake. Perhaps if I test it post hangover I may be more impressed. Or maybe pink is just not quite the shade needed to perk up my eyeballs.

Although these shadows are very soft, and have excellent colour payoff I'll admit to being a bit disappointed with the colours they chose. The matte cream shade is well... bleh, the pink shimmery "contour" shade is lovely, but the brown is so cool it can look grey if you're not careful. And yet isn't quite dark enough to make my eyes really pop.

I think these three colours work best if you're fairer, and very cool toned. As it is I find myself reaching for a warmer cream highlighter to dust over and warm the look up abit. Or using the brown with great caution, and only with a cool-toned blush and lipstick.

Having said that I'd be very happy taking this set along for a trip as the shadows do create a very polished and subtle day-look.

The brushes are surprisingly good! The concealer brush really is too tiny to do more than swipe the concealer on for you to pat out with your fingers, but it is the perfect size for applying eyebright. The fluff shadow brush is a great size, not too small at all, and the mini "talent" brush, although small, applies RSVP easily enough. It's so refreshing to find a kit with brushes you want to KEEP.

The only thing I haven't tried in the set is the Bad Gal Mascara because I have other mascaras and don't want to crack this open until I'm ready to use it up in 3 months. I may also save it for a trip.

Overall, if you're looking for a nice pressie, or just want to treat yourself this Christmas you can't go far wrong with this kit. It really does have the best of Benefit's eye products and will let you try out 5 products before you decide if you want to invest full-size. But please, buy it from the US if you can. The markup here is unacceptable!

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