May 06, 2010

Latest indulgence: Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy Collection

I have my first tube of C&E handcream thanks to an incredibly generous and dear friend who gave me an RM50 coupon for C&E -specifically to buy this hand cream because she knows I'm batty about handcreams and citrus cents. Normally I can't bring myself to blow so much dough on a hand cream but after using this for two weeks I don't know how I'll ever give it up!

C&E handcreams are famous for a reason. They're thick, a little goes a long way, your hands are beautifully moisturised BUT the cream sinks in fast and does not leave your hands feeling greasy. What more could you ask for?

While using this hand cream just once or twice a day and every night (I keep it by my bedside) all my nasty hangnails have gone away. My cuticles now look healthy and normal and I haven't even had to use my Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream very much. Mostly I use it when I'm bored and because I adore the scent. =P

And ah yes the scent. If you love citrus scents, this hand cream is gorgeous. No it does NOT smell like detergent. It's a cleaner greener citrus scent with a hint of spices that makes it yummy, refreshing and very sophisticated. If this were a perfume I'd be spritzing it all over me.

RM73 gets you 100g and RM46 gets you 50g. While I would like the more portable size, the Chinese Hokkien streak in me did the math and you definitely get more bang for your buck if you go for the 100g tube. I really hope this scent is permanent, I'm not sure if I can do without it!


Paris B said...

I love C&E hand creams but I tend to stick to the traditional Gardener's scent. I might take another look at this one at some point (without my friend who said it smells of dishwashing liquid :P ) Glad you're enjoying it! :D

xin said...

i love c&e handcreams too! almost all the flavors :P haven't had the chance to sniff this before, will pop to the store to get a sniff when i pass by :D

aNn said...

Ooh would you say that the C&E handcreams are better than the L'occitane ones?

Makeup Morsels said...

C&E handcreams are the best I've tried. I like their Rose one, I'll have to try this too.
@ aNn, I've tried both and I've found the C&E to be more moisturizing, fast-absorbing, and longer lasting. L'occitane handcreams are very nice too, but I find that they're usually a little thick and therefore leave behind a tiny bit of residue on my hands, as well as absorb slower.

Syen said...

Eeeww... citrus. LOL. =P

Glad you found yet another hand cream you love! I've never tried any of C&E's handcreams yet, but I'll consider it one of these days lah.

I read about another awesome handcream, but Estee. That's mighty tempting too. Dang.

Kahani said...

PB: Thanks dear, you know why. ;)

xin: Do! And let me know if you like it as much.

Ann: I'm sorry I honestly can't compare being unused to super posh hand creams. So I defer to Makeup Morsel's reply! Thanks so much for your expertise,MM.

Syen: Muahahhaha!

Sarah Gupta said...

I haven't used a Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in so long! I love this scent combo though--might have to give it a try!

milktea said...

I used up a gift set sized tube of C&E's La Source hand cream. erm.. it had an oily feel to it. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. But that's just me! Glad you like it though. And C&E's always got beautiful packaging.