July 01, 2010

Maybelline Watershine Pure in PR31 - The Perfect Pink Lippie I never knew I had!

Despite my recent love for reds I've actually always been a pink lippie gal. Candy pinks of my early 20s, muted pinks, vintage pale pinks, fresh pinks, bright pinks, nude pinks, berry pinks...

Lately I've been craving a shade of bright pink that didn't scream fuschia, wasn't so purple as to be berry, was sheer and more pigmented than a gloss. And I've bought lippies, lord help me. Over and over searching for the perfect pop of bright colour that somehow felt right and it was sitting in my stash ALL ALONG. I picked this up in one of our blogger swap meets - from ParisB I believe and thought it was just too bright for all but the most fuschia of moments. Well guess what?

It's not. It's sheer, it's bright, it's not fuschia, it's not berry.

It's perfect.

Pair it with a pink blush like Down Boy! and it's perfect-er and tote it around with you because it doesn't last past a meal.

And to think I had it all along. And dirt cheap too. =D

Maybelline Watershine Lippies retail for about RM23 - grab yours on sale to snag it below RM20!

Now to find one that looks like Posietint... (no I am never satisfied)


rinnah said...

I recognize that outfit and that look! :P Nice pink... I'm still into my berry phase though...

AskMeWhats said...

the lipstick shade looks so natural, just like my Nivea lipbalm with tint! :)

Anonymous said...

pretty lipstick shade! :)

The Undercover Gypsy said...

That is such a pretty shade and pinks that work well with Asian complexions are hard to find, aren't they? And this always happens to me too - amidst all the pricey department store lippies, there'll be a Revlon or Rimmel lipstick (that I probably bought at a BOGO offer) that is just perfect. Life is funny that way, eh?

But does that stop me from trawling through the Lancome counter? Oh, no! That would be sacrilegious... ;)