November 15, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits: Storage Ideas

Heya chicas,

Hope this Monday's looking good for you.

Having friends who know you're quite makeup mad will somehow inevitably lead to them asking, "How do you use up all those stuff?".

The simple answer to that, of course, is: "I don't."

Then it begs the following question - "How do you keep all those stuff?"

The answer? After the jump, of course. (Bewarned. It's a photo heavy post!)

This post is not so much to show you where I stash my stash, but more of just showing some of the items I use for my storage solution. And they need not be expensive! Most of the items I get are from Ikea and Daiso. And we all know everything in Daiso only costs RM5 each!

Some of these ideas have been long used by other beauty mavens, so you can be sure they're pretty tried and true! You can also check out how Kahani stores her goodies here and here.

The makeup mobile rack (photo above) currently sits above my dressing table and I toted it along when I moved into my new place as I loved it so much. It's compact, but it stores quite a great deal of makeup. And the partitioned drawers allows for fantastic organisation, as you would have seen here.

I picked up 2 of these plastic baskets from Ikea (Antonius, I think) and they're absolutely fab. Stored here are blushers, palettes, and powders. The other one contains lipsticks, lipglossies, nail polish and more blushers!

I love big mirrors and big drawers, so this is where these canvas baskets come in handy to partition my drawers!

Originally a pen holder from Daiso, it will happily perform the duty of a makeup brush holder as well. This one was particularly great because it was big enough to house many brushes, and it's lower on one end, and taller on the other. Fantastic since not all brushes are of the same height.

Also from Daiso. Originally a ... I don't know.. namecard holder? I know it's superb for my lipsticks though. And with the partitions, you don't have to worry about lipticks tumbling all over the place if you take out one or two.

Not quite storage, but good things are meant to be shared, no? I love this mirror because it's small and compact, and the leg bends 180° so it can either stand, fall flat, or it can be hung on the wall as well. Perfect for looking at that bit of hair at the back of your head. And even more perfect for travelling (since it can stand at whatever angle you want it to.) And only RM5. Bliss.

Transparent boxes from Daiso. You can put whatever you want in it, but here I've decided to use it for my other love - stationery. So I'll know where to dig for all my writing needs. Nothing's stopping you from filling it with say, lipsticks, though.

What do you use for storage? Do share!


Tine said...

Daiso is simply awesome for organisational ideas on the cheap and chic, isn't it? :D

AskMeWhats said...

I love how neat you pile up your stuffs! I am a neat freak and this is like "orgasmic" for me (LOL sorry for the term) You get the drift right? :D Morning!

kuri said...

indeed, that's why I don't show my parents my stash!
they would ask why I need all that stuff, and why I waste my money.

Ooh, organized! I love that makeup mobile rack at the top. I haven't seen anything like that.

Currently I have a small 3 level snap top organizer from the Container Store organizing my makeup, but it doesn't have drawers so it's not very convenient. And my makeup doesn't all fit in side now. So I use various cosmetic pouches that I've collected from magazines. It's haphazard and I'd like to improve it one of these days.

Paris B said...

I have that green box thing!! :D :D Mine came from Giant at the hardware DIY section. Its awesome but I outgrew mine :P I have lots of organization bits and bobs from Daiso too. Personally I think if you stick to Ikea and Daiso, you'd have loads of storage bits that look good and are functional and inexpensive. No need to look further :)

Foxy Frangipani said...

I love how you organize your lippies :)

Syen said...

Tine: Yessireee! =)

Nikki: Hahahahah.. glad it made your day Nikki. I'm not thaaaat organised actually. Just okay. LOL.

kuri: I bought that mobile rack from either Giant or Carrefour. Can't remember now. There have a few options and sizes with quite a decent price range too, so it all depends on what you want. Happy organising!

ParisB: Yeah, I remember you telling me that before. And I remember you've graduated to Ikea Glis boxes now, yes? So far my "system" still works so I"m keeping it that way for now. Hahah! =P

Foxy: Thank you! =)

Petra said...

Can I hire you to organise my life?