August 19, 2013

Update on SoLoverly & Tangle Teezer compact styler review

There's a lot more beach in my life now
Hello all!

Gosh it's been simply ages hasn't it? In case you're wondering what's happened to the three of us, don't worry it's nothing bad. We've just been occupied with well, the more major things involved with life and decided individually to take a break from blogging. 

Syen's got a new house to play with (she'll share it with you when she's good and ready) and Eli's off in another country, getting educated and seeing the world. 

As for me? Well I've been moving house, very busy with work, and generally getting out in the sun more (see above for proof) rather than sitting at home blogging. In short, I took a break from blogging and it felt so good that I decided to wait till I genuinely wanted to write again before coming back. As some of you know, I'm an editor now and the amount of planning, thinking, writing, creating and editing I do on a daily basis wasn't leaving me much juice to work with for the blog. But I'm back for now! Let's see how much I can keep going without getting strained. =)

About the beach, I've never been much of a beachgoer. But I now have someone(s) to go to the beach with and that, combined with a Vespa and living on an island, has turned me into far more of a beach babe than I ever anticipated. With new environments come new beauty needs so I've been stocking up on suncreen (will get to that later). But one thing I really really hate about the beach is what it does to my hair. Sticky, matted, urgh!

So when I saw a promo on BeautyBay for a compact, travel-friendly, Tangle Teezer I impulse bought it. As soon as I got it, I tore it out of its box, ran it through my straight hair and... meh. It's just like any other brush! I thought! Indignantly! With many !!!

Note to self: black may seem classier than hot pink but it's a boring photograph
Now these babies aren't crazy pricey but they're not exactly chump change either. But before condemning myself for a fool, I thought I'd take it down to the beach and try it out there - like I'd originally planned. Am I happy I did!

After a dip in the sea, I unbraided my hair and sure enough. Sticky, tangly, matted... euch! I know from painful past experience that taking a brush to my hair when it's in this state is well. Painful. But I gritted my teeth and ran the TT through my wretched locks and well. Whaddya know. It just cut through all those knots like a hot knife through butter. No tugging. No problems. And my hair behaved like it'd just had a proper shower, shampoo and maybe not quite enough conditioner, but certainly not BEACH hair. 

Not the most compact thing out there but who's whinging?
In that painful post-beach outdoor shower with nothing by J&J Head to Toe, once again this baby came to the fore, running the shampoo easily through my hair. When it dried it really didn't look much different from the way it usually does!

At a regular price of £11.08 it seems pricey for a block of plastic at least I got it at a slight discount of £9 when Beauty Bay had a promo so keep a look out for those! But overall I'd say it's worth the investment if your hair is prone to tangles or you're going to be swimming / by the beach often. Otherwise, I say you can stick by your regular hairbrush. 


Foxy Frangipani said...

Welcome back!
This looks like a miracle item for tangles. I must convince myself that it is worth the price :)

plue said...

hello darling! missed you!

looking forward to seeing you soon :D

Kahani said...

Thanks Foxy! I'm still not utterly convinced myself. Must go to the beach more! =D

Plue: Miss you too sweetie, can't wait to see you again!

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