August 26, 2013

Daily faves: Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balms

Just before unboxing!

I'd been eyeing these lovelies for awhile now as I do just about ANY balm-stain formula. While my love for Revlon's affordable offerings is well-documented, I found myself longing for more wearable, fresh, easy colours in summer. Revlon's berry and bright pink shades are unrivalled but their neutral lip, Honey, had just a bit too much brown in it for me to be completely happy with. It's not too bad in winter but seems too dark and heavy for summer.

But at a full price of US$16 they were just too pricey to buy on a whim and a prayer. So when I spotted these on sale at Asos some months ago (yep, sorry) for HKD100 each (about USD$12) I POUNCED like a starving lioness on three shades: Unique Pink, Baby Bare and Rosy Red.

I haven't stopped using these babies since. In fact, I've worn Unique Pink down below the top of the pencil (they're twist-up btw) and Baby Bare is headed in a similar direction.

By now you're probably wondering, where are the swatches? Well... I'm afraid I've decided to stop doing swatch pics because they stress me out, I'm never happy with them and they stop me blogging. Which is nuts. So instead I've googled the best swatch pics I can find on the internet and here are the links plus description by me. As a bonus you get to read the reviews of other far more hard-working blogging ladies!

Baby Bare - a peachy pink, almost a gentle pinky coral if you layer it on. 
Unique Pink - A clear balm that 'adapts to your body chemistry/heat/magic aura/whatever really to form your very own shade of clear natural pink. On me, it's a pretty wearable clear shade of cool pink.
Rosy Red - a really true shade of red. Sheer if slicked on over balm, rich and bright on its own. 

Why do I love these?

Like Revlon balms, they leave a stain on lips that lasts for hours, even through light meals. 

Unlike Revlon balms, they go on like a lip balm and you can use them on their own. Unique Pink seems to be the most moisturising of the lot - could be due to lower pigment content. 

They have a faint taste of peppermint (like Revlon's balms).

The colours are all so easy to wear and very flattering. 

What would I change?

The packaging is annoying. Although cute, the rubberised pencil stains easily and the cap is too loose! It came off my Rosy Red filled my evening bag with bloody carnage. Now I keep them in their own pouch. 

The price too is annoying. I'm eyeing Pretty Pink, Craving Coral and maybe Radiant Rose but the price still makes me wince. 

Orchid Petal is a lovely colour but it is not a stain, and neither is Lucent Glow. Why in God's name would they throw a shade into a range of balm-stains and have it not be a stain I have no idea. Meanies! Don't get fooled! 

It seems to be LE and it's RUNNING OUT HELP HELP. Asos's choice range is already limited and Beauty Bay doesn't have either Baby Bare or Unique Pink anymore. I weep. 

I would repurchase both Unique Pink and Baby Bare at full price if/when I'm running low and I haven't found an acceptable substitute. If the prices drop again I'll pounce on at least two more shades.

Confession: While googling around for this piece I found out that HQHair is selling them and has discounts on some shades. So hauled two more shades (pretty pink & radiant rose). 


plue said...

lol i do understand the frustration of doing swatches and making sure they turn out good!

these days i just go by with lipbalm, with a bloody tooth problem i don't have the heart to do much in terms of makeup >.<

Kahani said...

Thanks for the empathy Plue! It's become a serious problem for me. =P
What tooth problem??

plue said...

I got sensitive teeth all of a sudden n it doesn't help that I noticed I've a tiny wound around my gums. hurts when I brush my teeth! driving me nuts. luckily I found a saviour in curbing the sensitivity but no luck with the wound... yet.

Kahani said...

Oh you poor thing, have you been to the dentist? Is the wound a mouth ulcer?

plue said...

haven't been to the dentist, am deathly afraid of them hahahah.

it looks like as though i have ate something "sharp" and poke my gums, which ikan billis n such does that to me, but it's strange for it not to heal after a few days. i'll pop by the dentist soonish... when erm i can convince myself that it won't hurt :P

Kahani said...

Oh don't let them scare you. They're a lot gentler now than they used to be =)

plue said...

ah speaking of that, you have any recs for a good dentist around PJ?

Steph Smit said...

I'm not fan of pencil lip balms but I will make an exception with these. I love the shades you picked, especially the red one!

Kahani said...

@Steph thanks!

@Plus no sorry dear... my fave upped and moved to Oz!

Andi said...

I love ASOS, you can always guarantee a good bargain on there!

These look lovely, if I can get a good price I'll definitely give them a try :)

Sue said...

I'm a huge fan of these pencil lip balms. Great shades too :)

Unknown said...

great post [: love your review!


Trenholm M said...

You know what? I feel your pain when changing shades. Also, these don't look like balms to me. They look more like lipliners.

Kahani said...

@Trendholm M which makes them great multitaskers.

Unknown said...

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