April 17, 2015

PSA: Don’t buy Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara

God it makes me so angry when overpriced, overhyped mascara grossly underperforms.

So angry that I’m reviving SoLoverly which has been slumbering happily for over a year now to warn people not to buy this travesty of over-marketing.

Maybe it works for girls with naturally long, curly lashes, but let’s face it, what doesn’t?

Here’s what’s wrong with it:
  1. It’s too wet, it takes forever to dry. Sneeze 5 minutes after you’ve applied it and voila you’ve ruined your eye makeup.
  2. You definitely DEFINITELY need an eye curler
  3. If you don’t scrape it off properly, you’ll have a bad eyelash day. No. Really.
  4. It smudges. Smuuudges.
  5. It doesn’t lengthen at all or voluminise much.
  6. I get better results from ZA and even Maybelline. So WHY am I paying US$24 for this thing?
  7. It’s even more expensive outside of the US. Urgh!
This is one Benefit disappointment too many (I'm looking at you Stay Don't Stray). Am tempted to boycott this brand that’s clearly pouring more money into its marketing than it is into product development.

Yes Benefit. You and me. We’re breaking up right here, right now. You've failed to deliver on too many promises. 


Tine said...

WHAT THE ... You guys are back?? :P

It's okay for me. Doesn't shit me that much but it's rubbish to say that you don't need an eyelash curler. They should have left a footnote with that claim in the ad "for angmoh lashes only".

Kahani said...

Well I may write a few quick posts. I think I mostly went on hiatus because I'd temporarily run out of interest in beauty stuff. It's BACK. =D

Glad it's okay for you. But really, the price tag for this is RIDICULOUS.

kuri said...

glad to see you!
never really got into benefit. the few products I've tried (badgal?) didn't leave an impression on me.

Kahani said...

Hey Kuri, yeah I wish I'd stayed well away from them too. Never again. Grr!

Alyaka | Ineke said...

Thanks for sharing this. I agree, nothing can be more disappointing than to fall for an overhyped product. No matter what the hype is, it is important to check the product's quality or the components that can greatly affect its use.

Jacque Ojadidi said...

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Hanna said...

I cut ties with benefit years ago. So im not imagining things when at least 5 people shared the same idea about this brand, which is overpriced & overhyped.Mind you I used to be a loyal fan for about 3 years.
And another thing, noticed how STINGY they are about giving out samples to customers?

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