April 17, 2008

My Favourite Things: Silk Naturals Mineral Makeup

My fabulous stash from the amazing Silk Naturals has arrived! *jumps around in glee*. Nosing about curiously is my beloved (and red) port-a-beagle, Tommy Tomato.

Silk Naturals is an amazing line of completely natural mineral cosmetics from the US concocted by the lovely Karen Stark. Cursed with problematic, oily, acne-prone skin (grr!) I have jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon with both feet and am not looking back. In fact I'm trying to drag Syen onboard with me. She's resisting, but I'll get her!

Read on to see what I bought, and for a discount voucher!:
  1. Sheer Mineral Perfecting Powder
  2. Natural Mineral Foundation in Buttery Gold
  3. Mineral eyeshadows in Cashmere and Nudge Nudge
  4. Sleep in a Jar concealer (sample size)
  5. Mineral Glow in Halo (sample size)
  6. Kisser Slicker mineral lipgloss in Hot Blooded
And wonderful Karen provided me with fantastic free samples of:
  1. Mineral Blush in Petal
  2. Kisser Slicker mineral glosses in Breathless and Berry Nice
  3. Eyeshadow in Wink Wink (to go with Nudge Nudge! Geddit? Geddit?)
*phew* that is quite a haul. Prices and reviews to follow as I get around to using my new lovelies.

Silk Naturals is a line I can't say enough about. It's handmade, all organic, all mineral, and compeletely good for you with no parabens, bismuth or talc - my skin is very happy. I've been using the foundation for awhile and the tiny samples Karen sent were so good I went a little crazy and the result is the list you see above.

The line gets its name from the genuine silk protein Karen uses in her formulations. It is priced very reasonably (a foundation starter set is only US$10.50 and a jar of L'Oreal's True Match Minerals foundation (with talc and parabens) is £13.99 from boots. As the shipping rates Karen charges are extremely reasonable (I am only paying US$3.50 for under 24 oz.), it is extremely cost effective for me to buy from her. Sample-sizes of most products are also available for purchase, something I love!

The products arrived adorably packaged in little net bags and the cutest little sifter jars. Karen also generous in sending little sample sized products along as free gifts.

But perhaps the thing I love best about Silk Naturals is the way Karen listens to her clients. There is a forum where you can discuss her products, and even post your "wishlist" items. And believe me, you can wish for almost anything - Karen's genius appears to know no bounds as she prepares to release a huge new spring collection.

Her wish-granting even extends to creating almost perfect dupes of famous colours and shades such as her dupes of Nars Orgasm (Climax), and the Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes palette. Not only are they far more affordable than the originals, but mineral makeup converts like me won't have to hop down off our high horses to obtain these shades (not that I'm not willing to hop off, I AM a product junkie after all - it's just nice not to have to).

The site is currently closed as Karen moves into a bigger and brighter studio, and loads her wonderful new collection online (rubs hands in glee and anticipation). But when it does open, and if my mad rantings convince you, do run over and give her products a try.

And as a little incentive, here's a 5% discount voucher for those of you who've read this far: Just enter friend at the checkout to receive your discount. =)


Anonymous said...

actually, SN is close to all natural, not completely because some of their lippies and blushes contain FD&C dyes.

kahani said...

Hi, thanks for correcting me! I'll make sure I check before I blog about the lippies and blushes. =)