May 22, 2008

FREE Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss! (Maybe)

It's funny how life works. Immediately after I published the latest post on free samples, I come across this offer! NARS cosmetics is offering a free tube of its much coveted Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss to UK residents who sign up for its online newsletter. However the offer is for a limited time only (it doesn't say how long), and while stocks last (they don't say how low stocks are either!).

After signing up, I received a confirmation that yes a tube of gloss would be sent to my registered address - IF they had stock. Hence the "(maybe)" in the title.

Still, I plan to build hope and anticipation by reading reviews on the lipgloss here, here and here!


lilsweetkaz said...

Haha! Same thing happened to me for maybelline mascara and suprisingly it DID come after a while. It's funny how they say "if" after you sign up, leaving you hanging. I do hope you get it!

Ghost said...

Hi Kahani

Thank you sooo much for this. I've been dying to try any of the Nars product but I'm unwilling to pay the price for them (and because SN will properly dupe what ever I want evenually lol)

Let hope it arrives in my lifetime.

thanks again

kahani said...

Hey Ghost, you're welcome! I only hope it DOES arrive. You'll know when mine does because i'll be reviewing it. =)