May 23, 2008

Review: Too Faced New Romantic Unicorn Palette

Believe it or not, this palette is even prettier in person! The unicorn on the front is raised on a background of velvet paisley making it almost as delcious to touch as it is to look at. I confess, I bought it more for its looks than its contents - but they don't disappoint. Inside, you'll find three eyeshadows, three lipglosses, a blush/highlighter, and a dual-ended brush for eyes and lips.

These are the best part of the palette. Of the three - frosty khaki, brown and beige - frosty khaki is by far the prettiest. It applies far more brown that it appears in the pan with lovely glints of green and gold. The shimmering brown provided goes perfectly with it as a crease colour or eyeliner, and the beige makes a handy base. The shadows are soft, finely milled with decent (though not great) colour pay-off. They are a bit crumbly for my taste, if you're not careful they can go everywhere, but they are worth the effort. Don't let the neutral earth-colours fool you, this combination makes for really special eyes - I can see them bringing out the green in hazel eyes. Don't bother with the sponge applicator unless you're desperate though, use your own brushes!

The three lipglosses are fairly unique in that there's a frosty plum-wine shade, a mid-neutral peach and a pale frosty pink. So while all three may not suit you, one at least will. All three are very shimmery (frosty in the case of the pink) and are lightly vanilla scented. They apply very sheerly with the plum having the strongest colour pay-off. It is by far my favourite shade in the palette with its shimmering gold particles. although it's a little dramatic for day-wear. The peach is very sheer and is a lovely topping gloss for lipsticks. The pink washes me out but is useful for tuning down too-bright lippies. The lip-end of the brush provided is lovely to use.

I was rather disappointed in the blush as it barely, just barely shows up on my cheeks at all - and I'm fair - light. Unless you've got a porcelaine complexion ala Ditta Von Teese, this is going to be more of a highlighter than a blush for you. It appears a lovely dusky pink in the pan but goes on very sheerly. Still, it can be used for days when you want to pay more attention to your eyes and lips.

The palette's RRP is £20 but you can buy it for only £7.99 here, making it a very nice buy indeed.

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