May 21, 2008

My Favourite Things: Dove Body Silk Moisturising Cream


It is seriously amazing. I first tried it out when I was in Auckland, NZ, (waay back in 2004) when my skin was was really, REALLY dry. If my skin can dry out on me when I'm in Malaysia (the ultimate humid hole), can you imagine what havoc it can wreck when I'm in NZ?

So anyway, the moisturising lotion I had brought along just didn't cut it. And I had to hunt down a stronger moisturiser to save my skin.

Browsing the aisles of their local drugstores, I met my HG of all my body moisturisers in a 300ml jar - the Dove Body Silk Moisturising Cream.

It applies like a dream. It's very moisturising, and practically melts into the skin with no greasy residues. The scent is a light fragrance that isn't over the top.

On days when I need serious moisturising, this is my go-to moisturiser. What I love about it is that it isn't too heavy, like how some moisturisers can be. And my skin just feels super silky and soft after.

An embarrassing detail about me *blush* is that I have very dry skin on my legs. So bad that it can go a tad scaly - so not pretty. Applying this cream on my parched legs gives them the feeling like I've just given them a drink of water. I am not exagerating.

It's terribly disappointing that it's not available in Malaysia (the last time I checked), but I'm not too worried as I'm still on my initial jar! Talk about long-lasting. And I have three more jars as back-up. =D

If I remember correctly, it cost about NZ$7 a jar when I got it. Can anyone tell me if it still costs the same?

UK girls should be able to get it for £4.99 from Superdrug.

Did I say I Lurve this cream? Oh yes, I did. =P


petra said...

i finally bought and used this today. thanks for the recommendation :) the smell was slightly too strongly sweet for me, despite my love of vanilla. but i loved its girly luxury feel and it did a good moisturising job.

a big plus was that it resap-ed in without feeling sticky at all. very pleased with this. my skin felt dewy to the touch.

petra said...

ok i just reread your post feeling i missed something, and saw the no sticky residue bit. sorry, just watched a war movie.

i wouldn't have tried the product without this recommendation!

Syen said...

Hey Petra!

Yeap! Don't you just LOVE the cream? It's been years, and I still love it just as much as when I first found it.

I'm really glad you like it too! =D

petra said...

Lol. I am leaving NZ for good in July, do you want me to mail you a few containers? Elizabeth has my email if you want to write me your address.

Congratulations on the wedding, btw. I would like to get you a little something - do you like rosehip oil? Makeupeditor raves about a particular NZ brand and I would love to get some for you.

Anonymous said...

i hav this cream,got it from arab country,gosh,they have better products than in malaysia.they have what we dont have,like this dove cream,sunsilk hair cream,olay regenerist lip balm and much more

Mews of The Muse said...

HI, I just found out about this cream can you believe it? And this post is so old. Is it available in Malaysia now? My friend told me it's how she got rid of her stretchmarks and it's the only thing that works.