May 12, 2008

Silk Naturals Blush Dupe Reviews

I was thrilled to bits when Silk Naturals released a collection of duped blushes. After having ordered samples of all (except Lovelace, sorry Syen), I can honestly say I am not disappointed in any of them!

In general, all these blushes are long-lasting, kind to skin, and can be used on the eyes or mixed with lip gloss.

Here are reviews for Silk Naturals Mineral Blushes in Babydoll (clone of MAC Dollymix), Carnal (Nars Sin) , Pretty Plum (MAC Breath of Plum), Forbidden (Nars Outlaw), and Petal (Benefit Dandelion)

A bright, sparkly dolly-pink, Babydoll is a more wearable, slightly warmer version of Tart (Silk Natural's clone of Bobbi Brown's Raspberry Pink). The slight shimmer is very pretty, and the blush itself wakes up your face and gives it a luscious pop of spring-like colour. As the blush is highly pigmented, I recommend tapping out a tiny amount, swirling a fluffy blush in it and applying it with a light hand to the apples of your cheeks.

Carnal & Pretty Plum
As both these blushes are plum-based I would recommend these only for really cool girls. With the right lipstick and eye-shadow I can use these, but find that they don't wake my complexion up the way the other shades do. If applied lightly these blushes look polished and sophisticated. I can see myself reaching more for these in autumn and winter, but not now that summer is finally here!Of the two, I prefer Pretty Plum - it's a lighter, pinker shade than the darker Carnal. Both shades look great with cool-toned lipstick and grey eyeshadow.

This is my first foray into red-based blushes and I love it! When applied lightly it provides a flush of natural colour that sizzles with a nude or red lip and a smokey eye, great for a black-tie look with edge. A heavier application provides a just-in-from-the-cold flush of colour to the apples of the cheek. A perfect neutral blush, I keep reaching for this, using it over bronzers, peachier shades, and under highlighter. This highly pigmented blush has a slight golden shimmer that gives it a natural, translucent finish. Tip: Mix with a clear lip gloss for a perfectly matching lippie. As a lipgloss, Forbidden is a wearable, neutral red shade that you can make as intense or sheer as you please.

Petal (No Pic)
As yet unreleased on the Silk Naturals website, I received Petal as a free sample with an earlier order. The least pigmented of all the blushes, Petal functions in the same way as Benefit's Dandelion (which I have played with and can testify to its similarity) - an all-over-face colour. As a blush, Petal provides a very faint hint of shimmery pink that I prefer to use when I want a really toned down blush to go with a strong eye or lip. I also like to layer it over a bronzer on the apples of my cheek to provide a faint pop of natural looking pink. It is too pink for me to use as an all-over face colour but it is warm enough to compliment fairer and cooler complexions than mine. Although not a great favourite, Petal has its place in my cosmetics arsenal.


lilsweetkaz said...

wow, those blush colors look gorgeous!!
dollymix dupe?.. omg!
With all these reviews, it would be nice to see some pics of them applied (even if its jus partial face shot) just so we can see what it looks like in person!

You seem very much into mineral makeup.. just wondering what you think of everyday minerals?

kahani said...
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kahani said...

Hey girl, I'll try and come up with FOTD shots of me using the blushes. It's just hard getting the colours to show properly when I have to take it myself. And the lighting where I live is bad. Can't go out either, this is London! No sun!

I've never actually tried everyday minerals. But I see they have a free sample kit. Ah hah! I shall now toodle over and order if the shipping prices aren't too exorbitant. Thanks for the heads up! Have you used it? If so, what do you think of it?

lilsweetkaz said...

Haha! Shipping is like $4.55 USD!! I am using it and quite like it (I haven't tried any other MMU brands though). A lot of people like it though! Maybe you can compare them after you try it out.

I know what you mean about getting blush colors to show up properly in pictures! (often it doesn't show up at all, ha!) lol Thx girl for doing that!

To be honest, the free sample kit is what lured me in. I'm kinda wary of buying stuf I'll just dump in the bin if it doesn't match my skin color. But how can you complain when it's 5 bucks? haha
So everytime you buy a sample kit you can try out a blush.. it's really a win win situation. Just that those SN blushes look REALLY gorgeous! Are they actually meant to be dupes?

Thx girl <3

kahani said...

Hey Karen, thanks for the heads up on everyday minerals. My free sample kit is on its way now! Lol! Love love free samples, and the shipping is great!

I chose sparkly bronzer for the blush actually, since I have so many great shades with insanely great pigmentation (now I've tried a few other mineral blushers I can say that - not enough to review though. They were tiny samples). I figure if the bronzer's too dark it'd make a great eyeliner / shadow.

Oh yes, the blushes are deliberate dupes, and the owner of SN - also named Karen btw =P - is a master at creating them. Do check out the SN site. If you buy from them for the first time, you can enter "friend" for a 5% discount. Samples are also crazy affordable, and you get enough to last you for months!.

lilsweetkaz said...

Oh, sparkly bronzer! my aunty ordered that and it should be here soon hehe. Hope it's nice! Waffle cone is a really popular shade also, it's soft brown with pink undertones. Heaps of great reviews on MUA for it.. so if ur looking for something different to the usual pinks/corals/plums, def try that.. that's if u like EDM! =D

"Oh yes, the blushes are deliberate dupes,"

oh my, that sounds really tempting now! Thanks for the info. What a cheaper,healthier alternative to the high end blushes =P

off to look at their site! thx!

diena said...

Errr..where to buy SN? I dun think its in Malaysia rite? Juz lovee the Babydoll...wana try :(

kahani said...

Hi Diena, you can buy them online at shipping is reasonable and there are sample sizes for all the blushes.