June 15, 2008

Meeting Terry Pratchett

Hey you loverly ladies,

The lack of posting this weekend is because I spent Saturday queueing at a Terry Pratchett book signing. But as you can see, it all paid off because I got to meet the man himself. *bounces around with glee*

As soon as I can come down off Cloud 9 I'll settle down and be a-writin' and a-postin'. Promise.

Syen: Shiny, shiny, hair in the pic is thanks to John Frieda!


Syen said...

Oooh... NICE! =D

Yes, can see your hair's shiny shiny too. And I don't think I've met your big, BIG bag before.

C'mon Kahani, let's see what's in your bag. =P (you're tagged).

kahani said...

WHAT? Since when do we tag that. And anyway that may be a baglady video soon. *rolls eyes*

Askmewhats said...

awww..you have shiny hair! I LOVE it..i want the shampoo too!!! and conditioner!! accck!!!

Ghost said...

OMG I am so so jealous. not only because of you oh so lovely shinny hair, but meeting terry pratchett. I haven't read his books yet but have watched the skyone episodes (his books are on my reading list). Kahani you lucky devil you

kahani said...

Aww thanks you girls. =) I am very delighted with my hair at present - the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range has been good to it. I've written a review over on KissandMakeup that'll appear on Monday. I'll cross post it when its out. =)

Ghost: Aww.. if I'd known I had Pratchett fans lurking on my beauty blog I'd have mentioned the event. Even if it's not quite related. =)