June 27, 2008

Product Review: Lise Watiers Eyeshadow Quartet

I simply cannot rave enough about these amazing eyeshadows. I've always secretly thought that unless the eyeshadows had no colour payoff, ran amok on my face, broke out or went spotty on me I'd seriously not be able to tell the difference between one decent shadow and another. This palette totally proved me wrong!

I didn't want to harp too much on it in my full review on Kiss and Makeup, but seriously... my eyes are TINY. There is generally no space to blend anything. Every colour I layer tends to take on world domination and cover over all the other colours. This one allows me such absolute control and perfect degree of pigmentation that it goes where I want it. Plus it's so creamy (and its' a powder shadow!) and it blends like a dream. *takes a deep breath after long gushing rant*

Ooh I'd give anything to nip the other palette in Terre out of Gemma's bag. *wants it*=

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