July 08, 2008

Bargain Find: Superdrug's Clarity Shine Control Papers

Dashing to my internship, I realised to my horror that I'd left my makeup case at home. I could live a day without most of my beauty arsenal, but not without my Clean and Clear Blotters.

As they were more important than being even later, I dashed into Superdrug and picked up the cheapest blotters I could find - Clarity Shine Control Paper for £1.29.

When I cracked them open for my noon blot, I realised, to my horror, that it was an ugly little book of brown powdered sheets. Nightmares of caked pinky-beige powdered noses floated before my eyes. Thank goodness I was pleasantly surprised...

One of the reasons C&C sheets are so hailed by the beauty industry is their ability to remove oil without disturbing makeup, or caking more product on. The aforementioned pinky-beige powder was a particular plague as it didn't absorb oil very well, but instead caked flowery scented powder on in an unfortunate shade.

These blotters though are coated with a completely translucent powder that is completely invisible, doesn't cake, and holds off the oilies remarkably well. And although the brown paper doesn't have the oil-sucking power of C&C, it still mops up well enough. Which may be a good thing as C&C can overdo things if you've got a dry patch.

After awhile, I found myself reaching for Clarity more than C&C as it saved me the extra step of powdering after I blotted. I also tote it along on nights out as it saved room in my tiny bags.

My only wish is that they had at least perforated the sheets so they tore out more easily. I hate leaving a ragged edge behind. And if I'm in a rush I end up patting away my shinies with fragments.

Still, for the price and for its excellent performance, I'm repurchasing. I just wish they sold the powder they put on the sheets seperately. I'd love it as a finishing powder.

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