July 09, 2008

Keeping it Simple: Review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser & Moisturising Foaming Face Wash

One of the hazards of being a beauty blogger is product overload. Every now and then your skin gets so fed up of the constantly changing chemical assault that it protests. And when it does I better listen.

So when my skin got oily in parts, dry and flaky in others, developed minor breakouts, major breakouts - and was generally lacklustre all around - I recognised its cry for help. So I went back to basics and fell back on Simple.

Simple, is an affordable, no-nonsense line of fragrance & colour-free skincare that's found in UK and Asia. When it first started, its products were still not performing well enough to hold my loyalty, but many years along and I must say they've come a long way. Reviews for the moisturiser and wash are below.

Simple Moisturising Foaming Face Wash

It was this great post by PJ raving about this face wash that got me to try it when my staple cleanser ran out. If not for her I'd have gone for the Refreshing Face Wash and probably wouldn't have been as happy. I remember it as leaving some residue on my face the last time I tried it. Thanks, PJ!

I agree with everything she says about it. It leaves your skin feeling clean and comfortable. It doesn't cause breakouts, and it's a great second-step in the double-cleansing method. It doesn't remove makeup very well on its own, but I don't use it for that.

And at only £2.82 it's definitely affordable. And goes to show that higher prices, don't necessarily mean better products when compared to this £18 travesty by Origins.

Hydrating Light Moisturiser
The Cetaphil Cream I brought over was helping the flakies, but eventually causing breakouts because of the amount I had to use. And as Cetaphil Lotion isn't available here in the UK (boo!) I turned to this moisturiser instead for everything-free hydration.

I'm rather surprised at how much I like it! When I first used it ages back, I recall it left a rather sticky finish which I disliked. They've revamped the formula and now it sinks right in, leaving a smooth, slightly matte surface. Wonderful!

Plus it's calmed my crazy skin right down. No more flakies, and oil production has gone back to "normal" (for me). This is definitely a keeper, and a great staple no-frills moisturiser. It costs around £3 for the 125ml bottle I bought, Superdrug for some reason only lists the 50ml bottle.


Kat said...

May I ask, the Hydrating Light Moisturiser is in pump form or..?

I only have the sample size for now and it is a screw cap bottle so I need to use cotton bud to get it out everytime x_x

kahani said...

Hey Kat,

It's in a screw top bottle. But why do you need a cotton bud? The big one has a flow control head so you just upend and squirt!

Kat said...

I see, thanks for replying =)

I use cotton bud because the bottle isnt really squeezable. And my finger cannot exactly reach that deep.

I like it so far, but the packaging (at least for the 50ml) is bad x_x;

kahani said...

Ah I see what you mean. Yes that would suck. >_<

Rest assured the full sized one dispenses in the fashion of the squeezy ketchup bottle. =)

petra said...

have you tried their cream/lotion cleanser? it worked ickily on me in malaysia because my face gets oilier there. but i think mum finds it ok.

their conditioners are disappointing - used with their shampoo, it is not moisturising enough.