July 13, 2008

The Body Shop's Apple Blossom Fragrance

"Apple blossom scent. So ladylike!"
- Anne of Windy Willows, LM Montgomery
Ever since reading that line at age 9 I've always had a crush on the idea of an Apple Blossom fragrance. Problem is, it's been impossible to find.

So imagine my delight when I found a bottle of it on 50% discount in The Body Shop sale! I snapped it up for £4 (RRP£8) - scent unsniffed - and when it eagerly arrived, I broke it out and spritzed it on!

Mmm...fresh, fruity, and delicate this is a perfect spring fragrance. Pity it's not spring anymore, but it's definitely a lovely day-time perfume. Oddly enough, according to the site, the one thing this perfume doesn't have is apple blossom. Weird huh?

When you first apply it, the sharp fresh top notes really sing out. Green apple is definitely there, and lemon. Orange I can't detect, and I would have guessed something fresh and green, like grass or mint, but it's not present in the list either. Perhaps it's the beginning of the white florals, jasmine and freesia that start to come through on the dry down. High, clear and sweet they cut through the fruitiness making it more ephemeral. As the scent wears on it reacts to body heat and a slight hint of white musk comes through, still perked by the slight tang of citrus and light florals.

Overall, this is everything I love in a fragrance - except it contains no actual Apple Blossom!

This scent is LE so if you want to get hold of it, snap it up at 50% off while the sale's still going. It ends July 15. so you only have two more days!

Edit: After wearing the fragrance for a few days I have to admit that it has very poor lasting power. It's still there at the end of the day, just very very faint. If you really want to to last you're going to have to buy the rest of the Apple Blossom range, and layer!


Tine said...

Oh man, I really really REALLY miss TBS sales in the UK, especially the 1 pound sale. I snapped up my makeup brushes from TBS then, for only 1 pound each!!!

I'm definitely going to check out the Apple Blossom scent here, even though tadak sale :p

kahani said...

They have £1 sale???

Oh and I was going to edit the post to add that the scent doesn't have much lasting power. But then what TBS fragrance does? (besides amorito)