July 13, 2008

Duped: Benefit's Benetint

Yes, yes, I know that there are as many Benetint dupes as there are of Nars Orgasm. But until now I never got a chance to try Benetint for a day. I got to play with it at an unattended counter in Boots (using the cotton swabs of course), and here's how The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain compares to it. The Cheek of It was reviewed by Kiss and Makeup editor, Zara, here. Dollface, also snapped it up and compares it to Benetint here.

Full reviews of Benetint abound (1169 reviews on Makeup Alley!), so this is more of a look at how TBS's offering compares.

Texture & Application
Benetint is very much a liquid that disappears into your skin very rapidly, leaving a rosy stain. You have to blend fast, and approach with caution because overdoing it can leave you with clown cheeks. TBS's is more of a light gel than a liquid. It gives you slightly more time to blend, but has a higher chance of streaks. I like to apply it with my TBS foundation brush, patting and blending carefully.

On the lips, once coat of Benetint gives more pay-off than TBS. I usually need a minimum of two coats of the Lip & Cheek Stain for colour pay-off. Both lip stains taste funky. I think all of them do. So try not to lick your lips until they're dry, and apply a flavoured gloss or lipbalm over. This also helps prevent your lips from drying out.

Both tints / stains are a rosy pink. Benetint is ever so slightly warmer in undertone as TBS in shade 01 (I've never actually seen the other shade) is decidedly cool-toned. I like to think of Benetint as a warm, natural red whereas Lip & Cheek Stain is a very deep reddish pink. The difference isn't immediately obvious unless you compare them side by side, and I regret I didn't think to swatch my arm and take a pic.

This is where Benetint wins hands down. It lasts so much longer than TBS's offering. On the lips, Benetint can last through a light not-too-greasy meal, and it fades more evenly. TBS doesn't, and leaves a ring around your lips. Plus, TBS fades on my cheeks - something Benetint never did.

The staggering price difference alone makes TBS my choice. Otherwise, Benetint wins. I'm certainly going to give the even cheapher Collection 2000 offering a try though!


Anonymous said...

Two words: Benefit Posietint. One more word: LUUUURVE!

Kahani said...

YES! I knooow. I have £16 in Boots points racked up and I strongly suspect I'll give in and use it on Posietint. It's SOOoooo prettyyyy!