July 09, 2008

Illuminare Liquid Mineral Cosmetics Haul

So Loverly has taken her first step, and received products to review! Following my post on Liquid Mineral Foundations, creator and founder of Illuminare, Ruthie, approached Syen & I about reviewing her line of liquid mineral cosmetics.

The beauty of it is, that I had approched the UK distributors of Illuminare, Skinstore.co.uk, wishing to include the line in my liquid foundation round-up. I was shot-down very rudely. The lady on the phone said, "the products sell well enough on their own" and they "were not interested". And this was on behalf of Kiss and Makeup no less!

Fortunately, the brand itself is nothing like its local distributor and Ruthie is absolutely lovely. I might also add, that shipping from the US is about equal with shipping from SkinStore, and the products are also almost half the price (US).

So if you're ordering DO order from Illuminaire.com for good customer service and far more reasonable prices, and give Skinstore a miss altogether. No, this isn't spite. But if they treat the press like this, I shudder to think how they must treat customers. And you can't argue with prices. Read on for more info about the line and the products I received.

Illuminaire is one of the first all-liquid mineral foundation lines to appear on the market. Even their eyeshadows are liquid! (or cream, if you will). They claim their products to be long-lasting and high performance, with just a "pea-sized" amount going a long way. From my swatch test of it, this is certainly true. Plus you retain all the benefits of mineral makeup. I can't wait to road-test it for real. Lookout for reviews!

Here's what I received:
  • Samples of the foundations in 3 shades and 3 finishes.
  • One sample of Ultimate All Day Blush in Portofino Porcelaine
  • Samples of All-Day Mineral Lipcolor
  • Samples of Ultrashine Mineral LipGloss
  • Two reusable fast application pads
Syen should be getting her package anytime soon. Let's hope she got the eyeshadows.


Tine said...

Oooh freebies :p Awaiting your reviews :)

kahani said...

Hey tine, yes we love freebies! But i promise to keep my head straight and tell the truth about the products. =)